EcoFlow RIVER 2 + DELTA Mini + 2 x 110W Solar Panel - ZMR600-DMI880-112

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Secure your special bundle with an Ecoflow River 2, an Ecoflow Delta Mini and 2x Ecoflow 110W Solar Panel to get power pretty much anywhere, anytime.



  • EcoFlow River 2 Power Station - 300 Watt that can be boosted to 600Watt Continuous
  • EcoFlow DELTA mini Power Station - 1400 Watt that can be boosted to 2100Watt Continuous
  • 2x EcoFlow 110W Portable Solar Panels
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Charge up to 17 Different Devices Simultaneously with Both Power Stations


Read more about the Ecoflow River 2 here

Read more about the Ecoflow Delta Mini here

Read more about the Ecoflow 110W Solar Panel here

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