A&E 32"X32" Large Corner Cage - CC3232


Color: Platinum
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A&E 32"X32" Large Corner Cage - CC3232

The A&E 32"x32" Large Corner Cage is designed to provide ample space for your bird to climb and play, promoting their physical and mental well-being. This cage caters to both the needs of your bird and your convenience as an owner. The cage features a large front door for easy access, allowing your bird to roam freely during playtimes. Horizontal bars offer ample climbing opportunities, while the top of the cage is equipped with perches, ladders, and feeding stations for added enjoyment. The easy-glide casters make it effortless to move the cage between rooms, providing a change of scenery for your bird.

As a bird owner, you'll appreciate the convenience of this cage. The front entrance and feeding doors have bird-resistant locks to prevent escapes. Individually opening feeder doors allow for easy replacement of food and water without reaching into the enclosure. Cleaning is straightforward with the slide-out grill and tray for easy waste removal.

  • Large front door: Allows for easy access and free roaming during playtimes.

  • Horizontal bars: Provide ample climbing opportunities.

  • Top of the cage: Equipped with perches, ladders, and feeding stations for added enjoyment.

  • Easy-glide casters: Enable effortless movement between rooms.

  • Bird-resistant locks: Ensure safety and prevent escapes.

  • Individually opening feeder doors: Allow easy replacement of food and water.

  • Slide-out grill and tray: Simplify cleaning and waste removal.

Exterior Dimensions: 32'' x 32''
Assembly: Required
Bar Spacing: 5/8 inch
Bar Gauge: 4mm
Material: Sturdy construction with a non-toxic, durable finish


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