Sportline™ Black Cadillac-Reformer Bundle

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Discover A World Of Possibilities With The Sportline™ Superior Black Cadillac-reformer Trapeze Table!

This remarkable apparatus is designed to enhance your fitness and rehabilitation needs, whether you're looking to elevate your Pilates routine or guide clients through exercises. With its clean white structure and chrome accents, it adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

The durable hornbeam wood base provides reliable support, while the Reformer platform is engineered to minimize noise during movement. In addition to the Cadillac-Reformer Trapeze Table, this bundle includes a Jumpboard and Sitting Box, adding even more value and exercise options to this exceptional deal.

Explore a wide range of exercises with meticulous attention to detail. The easy-grip handles, attachable jumpboard, and dirt-resistant vinyl-coated material make the apparatus user-friendly and easy to maintain its polished appearance. Customize your workout intensity with the five springs, each varying in resistance, allowing you to tailor each session to your specific needs. Experience multiple planes of movement as you work standing, reclined, and even inverted, thanks to the versatile mat, trapeze, and push-through bar.

The Sportline™ Superior Black Cadillac-Reformer Trapeze Table is the high-quality product you've been seeking to diversify your workouts and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy the luxury of studio-level equipment at an affordable price. With this remarkable apparatus, you can unlock new dimensions in your Pilates experience and embark on a journey of fitness and well-being.

LIMITED WARRANTY: 2 years parts & frame.


  • 25" Width
  • 93" Length
  • Frame Height 16"
  • Trapeze Height 86" (Floor to Top)
  • Weight: 352 lbs 


  • First quality imported vinyl-coated leathers that do not show dirt and stains are used.

  • Handles were designed from a special fabric for grip aesthetic.

  • 3 different spring resistance settings.

  • 3 graded height setting for different neck angles.

  • 5 springs in different resistances (hard, soft hard, medium-hard and soft)

  • Crush resistant and noncollapsable sponge.

  • Easily detachable pouldron with clamp lever.

  • Non-slipping and non-rotating foot bar sponge and zipper system for easy replacement.

  • Attachable jump board without losing any time during the lesson.

  • 1x Sitting Box ($150 value - Free)

  • 1x Jumpboard ($200 value - Free)

  • 1x Pair of ropes

  • 1x Pair of handgrip

  • 1x Strap

  • 2x red springs, 1x green spring, 1x blue spring, 1x yellow spring on the Reformer

  • 10x springs on Cadillac (2x long yellow, 2x short yellow, 2x long purple, 2x short red, 2x short black)

  • 1x Rolldown bar

  • 1x Push-through bar

  • 1x Matt converter

  • 1x Pair of wood leather handgrip

  • 1x Pair of fuzzy loop

  • 1x Safety Closure

  • 1x Horizontal sliding bar

  • 1x Vertical sliding bar

  • 1x Swing

  • 1x Strip under the swing

  • 22x Carabiner without tarnish

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