MotoTec Maverick 36V/12Ah 1000W Electric Go Kart MT-GK-Maverick-1000w

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Experience Real Thrill with this Powerful Electric Kart!

Have an exciting commute and ride the dirt with the MotoTec Maverick Electric Go Kart! This barebone electric kart has plenty of power to relive your childhood dreams of becoming a kart racer! This is an affordable electric ride in the form of a kart, and it has a powerful motor for surprising speed. It features a metal roll-cage and safety features, and made for individuals 10 years old and above. This kart has a max weight capacity of 154 lbs. so it can be ridden by normal-weight adults too. 

The MotoTec Maverick Electric Kart is equipped with a powerful 1,000-watt electric motor and a chain drive, so you are sure it will kick dirt and accelerate quickly whenever you flick the throttle. This electric kart is fairly powerful for its size and rated for the grass so it is fun to ride. Ride it and feel like a rockstar, so try riding it to work or school. This electric kart is recommended for teens, and sports enthusiasts. Always observe safety rules when riding this kart. The rider should wear a helmet, should ride within speed limits, and follow local road regulations.


Cruise the streets, enjoy racing on race tracks, and do errands with the MotoTec Maverick Electric Go Kart! This compact electric ride is appropriate for leisure and as a toy for big boys. Because it has plenty of power, you can use it on hard surfaces and on the turf. Compared to many electric bikes, the MotoTec Maverick has respectable ‘horsepower’ that makes it exciting. This go-kart has a durable and lightweight metal frame for extra speed and acceleration. Because it is electric, it is quiet but has plenty of power. The MotoTec Maverick comes in beautiful black and red colors.

If you want a capable ride you can use to stroll or for leisure, the MotoTec Maverick is for you. It is a perfect ride if you want something to use on the track but also for the pavement at the same time. Most electric karts cannot be used for the roads, except this model. 

  • The MotoTec Maverick Electric Go Kart is an excellent choice if you are looking for an exciting ride that you can race. It is perfect for adults and big kids that need a fun electric ride at an affordable price. The Maverick features a true go-kart design with some degree of off-road capability. This affordable and compact go kart comes with a heavy-duty full roll cage with safety bars and a beefy motor to match. This go-kart is highly recommended for leisure and a quick personal transport to work and school. 

  • This is a powerful electric go kart! The MotoTec Maverick Electric Kart has a powerful 1,000-watt brushless electric motor that gives it incredible power and acceleration. It has top speed selections of 10 mph, 15 mph, and 20 mph (available only when an optional plug is disconnected), so you can choose the safe speed. The motor is connected to the rear wheel with a chain that multiplies the torque for better acceleration. Like a true go kart, it features a positraction (limited slip differential) for faster cornering.

  • Features a heavy-duty design with a tubular hi-tensile steel frame with a full-roll bar cage, netting and safety bars for the safety of the rider. The MotoTec Maverick is rugged and built to last.

  • Use it on the pavement and on grass. The MotoTec Maverick comes with rigid frame and turf-safe 14-inch tires that ensure full contact on the surface all the time. It comes with a half-moon steering wheel, a rigid bucket seat with seatbelt, throttle and brake pedals, and a hydraulic rear brake for real racing control.

  • The MotoTec Maverick has a ride time of up to 40 minutes on a single full charge. It comes with a 12 amp/hour sealed lead acid battery pack. The kart charges to full in around four to five hours. 

  • This electric go kart has a tubular metal frame with safety features made for quick and exciting rides. It is also usable for short trips or doing errands, making the MotoTec Maverick Electric Go Kart the perfect ride for leisure.

Have Fun with this Powerful Electric Go-Kart!

Do you need an affordable electric go kart for fun? If you want a rugged ride that is built to last, the MotoTec Maverick Go Kart is for you. This compact electric kart features a ruggedized design with a hi-tensile tubular steel frame and a full roll cage and safety bars! This go-kart is a perfect indulgent toy for adults and teens who want a no-fuss electric ride. The MotoTec Maverick will keep you on your toes, featuring a 36-volt, 1,000-watt electric motor and limited slip rear differential for fast cornering and traction on grass. This kart has a chain drive that increases the torque for added power riding on loose surfaces, and has some ground clearance for riding over uneven ground.

This electric kart comes with a bucket seat with a seatbelt for secured riding comfort. The air filled tires do a very good job of cushioning the ride and improving grip. The kart can run up to 40 minutes on a full charge. The Maverick Go Kart is small enough to be used in indoor race tracks. 

Perfect Dimensions.

The MotoTec Maverick Electric Kart, when assembled, measures 57” L x 33” W x 44” H and weighs around 150 lbs. The kart has 14-inch pneumatic knobby tires and a hydraulic disc brake.

Loaded with Modern Tech.

The MotoTec Maverick Electric Go Kart is powered by a hefty 36-volt sealed lead acid battery pack with a 12 Ah capacity. The bike charges to full in just four to six hours. See everything you need with the mini readout that clearly shows the battery level. The kart comes with a key start, a forward/reverse buttons, and three selectable speeds. You will love to ride it every day, and it is a perfect ride for adrenaline junkies and for going on short trips.

Motor 1000   Watt Peak 36 Volt (BRUSHLESS)
Batteries Three 12v/12ah Lead Acid
Adjustable   Speeds 10mph, 15mph (20mph when optional   plug is disconnected)
Reverse Yes
Charge   time 4 to 5 hours
Ride   time Up to 40 minutes
Max   Rider Weight 154lbs
Distance   from Back of Seat to Pedals 80cm
Distance   from Back of Seat to Steering Wheel 40cm
Recommended   Ride Height Min/Max 45in/63in
Transmission Chain Drive
Throttle Foot pedal
Brake Foot operated Hydraulic Rear Disc
Parking   brake Yes
Safety   Features Seat Belt, Full Roll Bar, Netting,   Full chain guard
Frame High-Tensile Steel Tubular
Wheels 14x4.00-6
Go Kart   Size 57x33x44 inches
Go Kart   Weight 150 lbs
Box Size 53x30x24 inches
Box   Weight 181 lbs
Warranty 60 days parts replacement

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