Lion Energy Lion Safari LT Portable Generator

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A Portable Solar Powered Generator That Provides Safe, Silent And Renewable Power For Every Day Use!

The Lion Safari LT is a portable solar powered generator that provides safe, silent, and renewable power for your cooking, communication, entertainment, CPAP, work, and emergency needs. No fuel, smelly fumes, or maintenance needed. At 500W of multiple outputs and only 11 lbs, you can have power at your fingertips, wherever you are.

Safari Lt What It Can Power - (Actual run times may vary)

  • Mini Fridge 55W - 6 Hours
  • 55" LCD TV 75W - 4.8 Hour
  • Laptop 45W - 8 Hours
  • Drone 40W - 9 Hours
  • iPhone 5W - 72 hours/25X
  • CPAP 40W - 6 Hours

View the Lion Energy Lion Safari LT Portable Generator features below:

  • Compared to the other similar power stations in its class, the Safari LT is a much smaller, lighter, and has a rugged design.|

  • The Safari LT give you more outputs so you have more choices on powering your devices.

  • Our Fast Charge technology makes it so you are able to charge the LT faster and get on to your adventures sooner.

  • When comparing power capacity on a price per unit, the Safari LT gives you the most bang for its buck.
Weight (pounds) 11
Dimensions - Inches (L x W x H) 11.8 X 6.5 X 7.3
Output - AC 2X 110V
Output - USB 2X USB-A 5V @ 2.4A
1X USB-A QC 3.0
Output - 12V 1X 12V @ 10A
Output - DC 12V 4X 12V @ 5A barrel plugs (5.5mm x 2.1mm each)
Warranty 1 year
Certification RoHS, FCC, CE
Battery Chemistry Lithium NMC
Battery Capacity - Watt Hours (Wh) 450Wh
Battery Output - Watts (W) 500W
Life Cycles 1,000+
Charge Retention Up to 1 Year
Wall AC with provided Outlet/With Optional Fast Charger 7 - 9 Hours/3.5 Hours
Solar / DC Min. Charge Time (With 100W Solar Panel) 5 - 7 Hours

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