Humless - Universal 20/8.5 House Battery

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Universal 20/8.5 House Battery By Humless

Go off-grid and be prepared! The Universal 20/8.5 whole house battery backup has a battery management system, charge controller, and also has a 6.8 kW inverter. The Universal 20/8.5 can power up a  completely off-the-grid cabin or any residential home's essential system for an extended period of time. You don't have to worry if your battery won't work or if the grid completely fails. The universal 20/8.5 got your back. This whole house battery Home system works on and or off the grid and does the backup on everything you need an Energy Storage System does. 


The Universal 20/8.5 is the middle size in our Universal line. This system features 20 kWh’s of lithium battery storage, an 8.5 kVA (6.8 kW) premium inverter, remote monitoring, and is stackable. This system breaks into larger energy storage. At 20 kWh, the Universal 20 can take the average residential home fully off the grid. If paired with solar and/or a generator, the hybrid solar system will store and provide a nearly endless power supply.

The Universal 20/8.5 whole house battery backup also has a 6.8 kW inverter, charge controller, battery management system, and LCD screen system monitoring. This big system has enough power to take a cabin completely off-grid or power a residential home. Universal can AC and DC couple from solar PV simultaneously. This means an AC coupled solar inverter can be between 4,000-8,500 Watts depending on the AC inverter type chosen. On the DC-coupled array, you can also add up to 3,500 watts of solar PV.

Lithium - 20 kWh

41' x 32' x 13' (BMS) - 23.75' x 49' x 24' (Battery)

850 Pounds


8.5 kVA (6.8 kW)

Lithium - 20 kWh


180+ Hours


180+ Hours


450+ Hours


300+ Hours

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