EcoFlow BLADE - ZMH100-B-US-V20

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Ecoflow Blade Is The World's First Robotic Lawn-Sweeping Mower.

Fitting perfectly into the modern-day smart home, Blade saves users vast amounts of time and effort through its fully app-operable programs. Offering automatic leaf collection, virtual boundary navigation and precision lawn mowing, Blade combines the quality of professional lawn services with the convenience of robotic mowing.

EcoFlow Blade Features:

  • Boundaryless Mower

  • RTK + AI Visual Sensor solution

  • 3 in 1 obstacle avoidance solution

  • Engineered wheels to create industry’s best mobility

  • widest cutting range, in both width and height

  • Lawn Sweeping solution - Automatic Lawn Sweeping

  • Built to last, water and dust resistant, and anti-theft design

Boundaryless Mower

  • No wiring, mow your lawn right out of the box

  • Users can set a virtual boundary easily with EcoFlow APP

RTK + AI Visual Sensor Solution

  • Automatically plan the Zigzag mowing route with RTK precision up to ±2 cm, no blind spot left

3 in 1 Obstacle Avoidance Solution

  • X-Vision tech integrates LiDAR, RTK and visual sensor with AI inside, allows BLADE to recognize obstacle intelligently

Engineered Wheels To Create Industry’s Best Mobility

  • Easily overcome up to 40mm obstacles and 50% slope

  • Reduces 40% resistance while turning, leaves less blind spot while mowing

Widest Cutting Range, In Both Width And Height

  • 260mm in cutting width, 80mm wider  than common robotic lawn mowers

  • 20-76mm in cutting height, 18mm wider in height range than common robotic lawn mowers

  • Boundary setting, route planning, razor adjustment all in app control

Lawn Sweeping solution - Automatic Lawn Sweeping

  • With the EcoFlow Lawn Sweeper Kit, BLADE can sweep the lawn while mowing and collecting leaves/waste/sticks, etc. automatically.

Built to last, water and dust resistant, and anti-theft design

  • With IPX5 Water-Resistant rating, maintenance for BLADE is also quite easy.

  • With Rain Sensor, BLADE will stop mowing and back to station in rainy weather automatically.

  • With 4G & eSIM inside, users can precisely locate the mower for anti-theft.

Specifications EcoFlow BLADE
Cutting height 20-76mm
Obstacle Climbing Up to 40mm
Obstacle avoidance Yes
Cutting area Up to 3000㎡
Virtual boundary Yes
Front-wheel diameter 200mm
Front-wheel design Omni-directional front wheels
Sensor LiDAR + Camera
APP control Yes
Noise level ≤62dB
Weight About 16Kg
Size About 66*44*31cm
Waterproof IPX5
Battery capacity 298Wh
Battery life 240mins
Recharge time* About 130mins


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