Bartell Global Morrison Truss Concrete Power Standard Screed, 5ft-40ft, Vibratory, Hand Winch/Self-Propelled - 0MS05SUPHE9

Travel Choice: Hand Winch
Length: 5 Feet (1.52M) - Base
Sale price$4,020.00


Bartell Global: an excellent product offering, visionary leadership, and a culture rooted in our heritage of resilience, optimism, and the determination it took for a war-weary generation to build a prosperous legacy.

See Features Below:

  • High frequency vibrations distributed evenly across entire aluminum screed length to produce smooth, uniform surfaces quickly and easily.

  • Standard truss is 13.5″ tall and can span 40′.

  • Can consolidate less than 2″ slump. Up to 12″ in depth.

  • Morrison screed vibrates at over 12,000 vpm.

  • Aluminum screed weighs only 9lbs / ft. compared to steel screed at up to 20lbs.

  • Lightweight makes our screed suitable for use on any type or form.

  • Morrison aluminum screed is lighter and easier to move around the job site, but consolidates better than steel due to the higher rate of vpm.

  • Loose bearing system – Only Morrison screed has the patented loose bearing system.

  • Our screed will continue to operate even losing up to 20% of the shaft bearings, while competitor’s screed will stop after one bearing fails. A bearing never fails while it’s sitting dormant, only when it’s on the job.

  • Available in hydraulic travel or hand winch.


13.5″ (34.3 cm)


12.1″ (30.8 cm)

Weight (Depending on section)

27 lbs. (12.2 kg) – 91 lbs. (41.3 kg)


Honda 6X160


Intended for spans up to 40′ (12.2 m)

Average Peak Vibration

12,830 vpm

Maximum Compaction Depth

12″ (30.5 cm)

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