Arason Creden-ZzZ Pekoe Murphy Cabinet Bed Full/Queen


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Arason Creden-ZzZ Pekoe Murphy Cabinet Bed Full/Queen

The traditional Pekoe features a warm brown finish, clean lines and brass hardware. So, put an extra bed in your family room, home office, or any room that needs to double as an occasional guest room.

The compact Creden-ZzZ cabinet bed conceals a 53 in. x 75 in. x 6 in. thick queen size mattress in an attractive cabinet that opens and closes in a jiffy. The large storage drawer telescopes out on sturdy felt covered runners to form the bed frame. Then the front panel folds down to form a solid sleeping platform there is no sagging, no bar-in-you-back or rolling to the middle.

It is comfortable and durable enough for everyday use in a studio apartment. The Creden-ZzZ closes into an attractive cabinet that is only 23 in. deep. The flip top design gives more head-room without having to move items off of the top. The Creden-ZzZ cabinet bed is free standing furniture no need to bolt into floor or walls.

You can rearrange the room or take it with you if you move. The overall height makes a good work surface in home offices and it easily fits in areas with low or sloped ceilings or angled walls such as basements, lofts or attic rooms. Pillows and bedding can be stored in the large drawer. Supports up to 500 lbs. The full size opens to 76 in.

  • Beautiful Stained Brown Finish look
  • Full Size and Queen Size Options AvailableBrass Tone Handles
  • Brass Tone Handles

The new Flip Top Creden-ZzZ style cabinet bed gives sleepers more headroom while keeping a low, easy to-use top surface. Simply slide items to the back to flip open the top. Latches and safety chain are hidden inside for a clean exterior. The solid sleeping platform makes a comfortable bed — no springs, no rolling to the middle, and no “bar-in-your-back.”


  • Free-standing cabinet, no need to bolt to floor or wall, making installation easy!
  • Small foot print is 40% smaller than sleeper sofas
  • Plenty of head room so you don’t bonk your head
  • Flip-Top hinges allow top to open without having to remove items from top
  • Free-standing cabinet, no need to bolt to floor or walls
  • Usable top surface with specialty hinge allows top to stay open without removing items
  • No bar in your back or rolling to the middle with two sleepers
  • Roomy storage drawer holds pillows and bedding
  • Comes with standard 53 inches x 75 inches, 6-inch thick full size mattress
  • Low cost alternative to the Murphy bed.
  • Supports 500 pounds, perfect for two adults or visiting friends. Great as well for sleepovers!
  • Easy to open and close. Can be set up very quickly!
  • Arason's cabinet beds are a semi-assembled product. Only light assembly is required.
  • The mattress the cabinet bed comes with is a tri-fold memory foam mattress.
  • The mattress is included in the price.
  • Mattresses are packed inside the cabinet bed in most cases.
  • We now have USB ports on the Creden-ZzZ Cabinet Beds: The port features two USB connections and one electrical outlet. This is attached to the drawer/base. The plug exits the back of the base and has a 6 foot cord.





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The small depth allows you to really take advantage of your living space with an unobtrusive solution for hosting guesting or making the most of your expensive square footage.

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