MotoTec Typhoon 72V/30Ah 3000W Electric Motorcycle - MT-Typhoon-72v-3000w

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A Powerful Electric Motorcycle To Blaze the Streets!

Have an exciting commute and tear the road in style with the all-new MotoTec Typhoon Electric Motorcycle! This electric ride is like no other, presenting a handsome naked bike design complete with true sport tires that gives it a big bike performance without the noise! It is one of the most capable electric bikes on the market and can attain high speeds while still providing total control. You can drive it on the road and on paved surfaces. The unit comes complete with essentials and you can drive it right away after minor assembly. This is made for experienced individuals 16 years old and above, and it has a max weight capacity of 440 lbs. 

Comfortable and Sporty

The MotoTec Typhoon Electric Motorcycle is equipped with a high-speed 3,000-watt hub motor and sportbike tires, so you are sure it will accelerate fast whenever you twist the throttle. You can use the motorcycle on the pavement and speed to your office or workplace in style. Ride it and feel like a rockstar. 

The frame features hydraulic shock absorbers on all wheels that soften the ride and give it off-road capability. You can ride it on rugged roads and in the countryside. The MotoTec Typhoon comes in a beautiful black theme finish. Always observe safety rules when riding this bike since it does attain road speeds and does so fast. The rider should wear a helmet, ride within speed limits, and follow local road regulations.

Go Uphill and Speed on the Pavement!

The MotoTec Typhoon bike has a sporty performance yet still offers a comfortable ride. The bike comes with a powerful 3,000-watt electric motor that can clock up to 43 miles per hour. Attain blistering speed whenever you twist the throttle! The bike can easily climb steep slopes and rocky paths. No route is too ‘hilly’ and you can conquer most roads that come your way. The hub motor design has the advantages of being mechanically simpler, providing torque directly to the wheels, and protecting the motor from the elements. It comes with a big lithium battery pack, so you can undertake uphill routes without losing power.

Save the Environment

Electric bicycles are less polluting than cars and motorcycles. Because it is electric, it is quiet and has no emissions. The carbon footprint of production and daily use of electric bicycles are far lower than those with combustion engines. If you want to do your part to save the environment and ensure the welfare of future generations, do it now by switching to two wheels. Widespread use of electric bicycles means lesser dependence on fossil fuels that can help avert global warming and reduce toxic fumes in the air we breathe.  

Cut Your Commute!

Because it is an electric motorcycle, you can safely use it on the streets and city roads and keep up with the traffic. It is a perfect choice for users who want an electric ride that can ride fast. The bike weight is around 242 lbs. It is an ideal bike for round trips or reaching spots in the city. Have your daily dose of exercise while avoiding city traffic to get to your destination quickly. 

Motor 3000W Rear Hub Motor (brushless)
Battery 72v 30ah Lithium Ion Battery
Throttle Variable Twist
Key Yes
Top   Speed 37-43 MPH (60-70KM/H)
Max   Rider Weight 330 lbs
Recommended   Age 16+ Years Old
Street   Legal with DMV No
Frame High-tensile steel
Range   Per Charge 35 to 50 miles (weight dependent)
Charge   Time 6-8 hrs
Front/Rear   Tire Size 14 inch / 12 inch
Shocks Front and Rear
LED   Headlight Yes
Maximum   Climbing Angle 18 degrees
Brake Hydraulic Front and Rear
Box Size 82x17x39 inches
Box   Weight 242 lbs
Warranty 60 days parts replacement


This product contains one or more chemicals, including lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

  • The MotoTec Typhoon Electric Bike is an excellent choice if you want a truly exceptional road-capable ride. This unique has everything you want, presenting an outlandish naked bike frame and massive sport bike tires, with a beefy powertrain to match. This electric motorcycle is highly recommended for leisure and quick personal transport to work and school. 

  • It is one of the most powerful electric bikes on the market! The MotoTec Typhoon is equipped with a massive 72-volt 3,000-watt brushless hub motor for incredible power and acceleration. It has a fast top speed of 43 mph, so it is much quicker than most electric bikes. It is a motorcycle, so no pedals to worry about. The Typhoon is one of the fastest electric bikes you can buy.

  • The bike comes with a high-capacity 30 ampere-hour battery pack to give enough power to the motor and achieve a 50-mile range. The battery pack is waterproof and hidden inside the bike frame for a streamlined look and no worries about it getting stolen. It charges to full in around six to eight hours.

  • Have no problems traveling with the twist throttle, which is easy to use and promotes better balance, and a set of high-performance hydraulic disc brakes to accelerate and stop smoothly. This bike comes with a full suspension with a front fork and two shock absorbers on the rear. See all the ride data by looking at the equipped LCD screen.

  • It features a gorgeous naked bike design with a set of ape handlebars and round side mirrors. The bike comes with a full upholstered seat and high-quality grips. The Typhoon is made for excellent comfort and affords a lot of control to the rider. 

  • The MotoTec Typhoon Electric Motorcycle is perfect for road use and leisure. It features a proper road bike design with safety features and comfort factors. Enjoy using it as a daily driver or for leisure rides.

A High-Performance Electric Bike!

Do you need a capable electric bike for the long-distance commuting to work or school? Are you looking to have something usable for high-traffic, urban environments? If you want a bike that you can bring anywhere, the MotoTec Typhoon Electric Motorcycle is for you. This bike has a true motorcycle design that rides fast and travels far. The bike comes with sport bike tires and a full suspension setup made for the road. This handsome electric bike features a handsome naked bike design with sculpted details and an inverted fork. The Typhoon Bike is an exciting ride featuring a 72-volt, 3,000-watt brushless hub motor for a zippy performance that you can easily feel whenever you twist the throttle. It can speed up to 43 mph and can ride on rugged terrain easily, so it is a very capable ride.


Comes with Grippy Wide Sport Bike Tires

Enjoy traveling around the city with the full suspension and a set of sportbike tires. The front comes with a 14-inch tire while the rear is 12-inch. The front suspension also comes with inverted shock absorbers like in most sport bikes. It comes with a massive 30 Ah battery pack that gives it an excellent range of 30 to 50 miles, so you can safely use it for round-trip commutes. The battery pack is hidden inside the frame and can be removed so you can charge it indoors.

Excellent Dimensions

The MotoTec Typhoon Electric Motorcycle measures 82” inch L x 17” inch W x 39” H. The bike weighs 242 lbs with batteries. Make sure to inspect the bike and test every function before first use. Also, charge the battery for up to five hours when using the bike for the first time.

The Tyohoon is powered by a 72-volt lithium battery pack with a 30 Ah capacity. Make sure to charge it before use. Before riding the bike for the first time, adjust the brakes and inspect the tires. Check every component of the bike before using it.

Equipped with Essentials Right Out of the Box!

The MotoTec Typhoon Bike comes complete with accessories so you can ride it right away. It comes with included features that you will need for the ride. An LCD screen in the center of the handlebars shows the battery level, speed, miles traveled, and pedal assist level. No more guesswork and fear of suddenly losing power when riding the bike!

Enjoy the comfort of the large ape handlebars and a wide, comfortable seat that enables a somewhat upright riding position. Enjoy riding it for long hours without the noise or vibration like in motorcycles. It is a lot more different compared to electric bikes with saddles. The motorcycle comes with fenders and a complete set of road lights.

Choose MotoTec: Ride and Have Fun with Our Exciting Electric Bikes and Scooters!

Electric vehicles like electric bikes are the way to go for an active and sustainable lifestyle. Driving a car in the city can eat up your limited time and cut productivity. Don’t forget the cost of car maintenance, insurance, and gas. 

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