Cimex Carpet Scrubber CR48 with Stock 7.75" Wheels, Pad Drivers CIME-2576


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19-inch CIMEX (Base Model)

Cimex machines come stock with 7.75' hard rubber solid-core wheels (without bearings) and a zinc coated steel axle.

CImex Big Boy Wheel Kit Upgrade

CR48 19' Cimex Carpet Scrubber
The 19 inch Cimex machine (Cimex CR48 CM) is a powerful scrubber for commercial carpet maintenance and floor care. It's the perfect machine for commercial carpet cleaning using the encapsulation method. Combined with Releasit encap detergent, the results are nothing short of amazing. Wicking and recurring spill stains can easily be eliminated. Plus, the Cimex CR48 carpet cleaning machine can also be used to scrub all types of hard flooring.

Planetary Scrub Pattern:
The Cimex carpet scrubber features counter-rotating triple PLANETARY 400  rpm cleaning head performance. Each of the 3 scrub heads spin at 400rpm  for powerful agitation. But high speed 400 rpm scrubbing. As the drive deck turns clockwise, the 3 scrub heads spin counter-clockwise. So you're actually scrubbing the carpet fiber from all directions at the same time. The effectiveness of 400 rpm planetary scrubbing is unmatched. And the planetary pattern cleans carpet without damage to the fiber. There's also no side-to-side torque so you can train new techs fast.

High-Production / High-Profit:
Because of it's unique planetary scrubbing pattern described above, the Cimex can consistently clean at a rate of 2,000-3,000 square feet per hour. To illustrate the profit potential: Cleaning commercial carpet with the Cimex at an average of 2,500 square feet per hour, at a modest price of 20¢ per square foot, will yield $500 per hour!

Safe for Carpet: 
Professional Testing Laboratory in Dalton Georgia has shown that a Cimex carpet cleaning machine using Releasit encapsulation carpet cleaning products and FiberPlus pads, making 22 PASSES on a commercial cut pile carpet, will not damage carpet...

The Cimex agitation is highly effective, plus it's safe for commercial carpet.

Cimex / Releasit Test — safe for carpet / Professional Testing Laboratory the cimex cr61 carpet cleaning machine uses planetary action


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