Cedarshed CedarHouse Storage Shed - CDH108


Size: 10x8
Roof Model: OSB Roof
Sale price$4,359.00 Regular price$4,587.99


 Need That Larger Shed For Storage Or Entertaining? Why Not Choose The 10ft CedarHouse!

The CedarHouse comes with a Dutch door sandwiched between two fixed windows. It is an attractive addition to any backyard and offers maximum wall space for storage. Add more storage space by choosing the 7ft ghigh wall and storage loft options. Or it could be a crafter’s paradise by upgrading the fixed to functional windows for ventilation and by adding the skylight option for light. The CedarHouse comes in five sizes.

CedarShed kits come panelized, making it quick and easy to assemble.

We recommend three different methods for putting together foundations for Cedar shed products:

  • Patio Stones
  • 4x4 Pressure Treated Beams
  • Concrete Slab

View the Cedarshed CedarHouse Storage Shed features below:

  • Available in five sizes : 10’x8’, 10’x10’, 10’x12’, 10’x16’, and 10’x20’

  • Exterior finishing is 100% Western Red Cedar lumber

  • The 6' high walls are pre-built panels with the window already installed

  •  Plywood floor with 2x4 cedar floor joist

  •  Pre-built roof sections (wood shingles already attached)

  • Includes two fixed windows with decorative shutters and flower boxes and a Dutch door

  • No cutting required

  •  All assembly hardware included
Wood Storage Sheds Style: Gable
Warranty: 1-year
Series: CDH1010
Paintable: Yes
Construction: 16-in on center
Primed: No
Installation Included: No
Floor Included: Yes
Siding Type: Cedar
Storage Capacity Range (sq. Ft.): Over 100
Nominal Size Range: 6 ft x 7 ft to 10 ft x 10 ft (medium)
Actual Interior Peak Height (ft): 8.33
Common Exterior Width (ft): 10
Foundation Width (ft): 9.63
Actual Exterior Peak Height (ft): 9.33
Actual Exterior Width (ft): 10.71
Floor Storage Capacity (sq. Feet): 90.25
Package Weight (lb): 1457
Actual Interior Length (ft): 9.5
Door Opening Width (in): 36
Actual Exterior Length (ft): 11
Actual Interior Width (ft): 9.5
Door Opening Height (in): 71
Common Exterior Length (ft): 10
Package Height (in): 63
Package Width (in): 80
Storage Capacity (gallons): 541.5
Number Of Windows: 2
Foundation Length (ft): 10.04
Package Length (in): 48


  • Floor

  • Shed

  • Shingled Roof (optional)

  • Dutch Door

  • 2 Fixed Windows

  • Includes decorative shutters and planter boxes

    Five Prefab Sizes - You can choose in our 5 prefab sizes: 10'x 8', 10'x10', 10'x12', 10'x16' and 10'x20'

    Western Red Cedar - 100% Western Red Cedar extremely long-lasting cedar exterior finishing

    Wall Panels -  6' high pre-built high-quality wall panels

    Dutch Door -  Our Cedarshed Cedarhouse has a Dutch Door with a size of W 30" x H 71" and it is already included no the package.

    Roof Panels - You no longer have to worry about the roof panels because it has already have a pre-shingled roof panel. (optional)

    Floor -  Plywood floor with 2x4 cedar floor joist

    Windows -  2 Fixed windows to let in sunlight - W 16 1/4" x H 25 1/4"

    Planter Boxes - Maybe you just wanted to improve your CedarHouse Storage Shed, with our planter box you can design anything you want just like the saying your imagination is the limit.

    No Cutting Required -  You will no longer have to worry about cutting anymore because everything is already pre-built and all you have to do is to assemble the materials.

    Assembly Package -  You don't have to figure everything out because we already id that for you. Our package has already every hardware assembly and plan for you
    together with an instruction manual to help you efficiently assemble everything.

    Weather Resistant - Worried about heavy rainfalls? how about heavy snowfalls? Well worry no more for your CedarHouse Storage Shed would be resistant to any type of weather.

    Order shipment preparation takes 3 days. Once shipped orders usually takes 2 weeks to be delivered. These are estimations; delivery can be delayed for reasons beyond our control. You can always contact us to know the exact delivery time once you placed an order with us. Have a look at our shipping policy here.

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