Amaircare 7500 Whole House Air Purifier

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Amaircare Whole House 7500 Air Purifier

Achieving clean air quality in a large space can be a daunting task. Luckily, the Amaircare 7500 Whole House Air Purifier is the perfect solution for your employees or family. This top-of-the-line HVAC mounted unit delivers healthier, fresher, and cleaner air for large areas. It is easy to install, low maintenance, and operates quietly. Equipped with a powerful 1000 CFM motor and a dual 3 stage filtration system, it effectively captures dust, mold/mildew spores, pet dander, seasonal pollen, dust mites, odors, chemicals, VOCs, and other contaminants that may impact air quality in spaces up to 3750 sq ft, with 2 air exchanges per hour. We highly recommend hiring a licensed and certified contractor to install the unit, but if you are comfortable and knowledgeable, self-installation is also an option.

The Amaircare 7500 Whole House Air Purifier is equipped with 2 Prefilters, 2 HEPA filters, and 2 Inner Carbon Blankets as standard. This setup is designed to target particulate matter and light odors/VOCs. To address stronger odors and VOCs, an optional 3rd stage carbon filter kit can be added to the unit based on your specific needs. Various optional kits can be added to customize the unit to your specific needs.

  • Inner Carbon Blanket Kit - Also called the Standard Kit
    • 4 Inner Carbon blankets & 2 prefilters for lighter VOC and odors
  • 14 lbs VOC Carbon Kit
    • Two 7 lb VOC carbon canisters and 2 pre-filters for heavier VOC / Chemicals, 
  • 14 lbs Formaldezorb Kit
    • Two 7 lb Formaldezorb carbon canisters and 2 pre-filters for heavier VOC / Chemicals plus formaldehyde
  • 60 lbs VOC Carbon Kit
    • Two 30 lb VOC Carbon Canisters & 2 pre-filters for very heavy VOC / Chemicals
    • You cannot use the HEPA filter with this configuration
  • 60 lbs Formaldezorb Carbon Kit
    • Two 30 lb Formaldezorb Carbon Canisters & 2 pre-filters for very heavy Formaldehyde, VOC / Chemicals
    • You cannot use the HEPA filter with this configuration
  • Mounts on the return air portion of the air handling system and does not impact the HVAC system nor endanger your HVAC warranty.
  • Amaircares perfect seal easy twist HEPA will lock in place so no air leaks
  • Toggle control for easy on/off operation.   For best results, leaving in the on position continuously is best.
  • Baked thermoset powder finish steel construction for long lasting units with no off gassing.
  • quiet so no noise disruption
  • Powerful 1000 cfm motor for efficient cleaning
  • Limited 5 year manufacturer warranty.

  • Airflow: Powerful 1000 CFM  (Cubic Feet per Minute)
  • Rated Coverage 3750 sq ft X 8 ft ceilings at 2 air exchange per hour. 
  • Power Consumption:  400 Watts
  • Dimensions:  17”W x 28”L x 32”H
  • Weight:  82 lbs.
  • dBA Rating @ 6 ft: 48 dBA 
  • Control:  Variable speed control
  • Construction:  18 gauge steel housing, durable baked thermoset powder finish
  • Fresh Intake: 14 inch diam
  • Outflow Port: 2 or 4 8″ Diam (knockouts on both left and right sides)
  • Motor: Two Backward curved impellers
  • Voltage: 115 volt*
  • Cord/PlugStandard 115V plug with ground pin and 8 foot long 3 conductor 18 gauge, attached cord.
  • Amaircare 7500 Whole House Air Purifier
  • Owner’s Manual
  • All initial filters with configuration selected. 

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