Airpura P714 Air Purifier- White


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Airpura P714 Air Purifier- White

If your business or home is facing challenges with chemicals, VOCs, or bacteria and viruses, the Airpura P714 Air Purifier can provide a solution. This powerful unit can help avoid unexpected government inspections and address concerns for employee and personal safety due to poor air quality. It features a Super HEPA filter, capable of capturing 99.99% of particles as small as 0.1 microns, and a new 635 CFM motor that provides coverage for approximately 2400 square feet. Even when running on low, this commercial-grade purifier operates quietly.

This is a highly effective and adaptable portable floor model air purifier, designed to address a full spectrum of air quality issues. It uses 18 lbs of activated carbon and advanced PCO nano-technology, originally developed by NASA and perfected by Airpura. It efficiently combats chemical, odor, and VOC's while also filtering particles and eliminating airborne pathogens. Airpura's Titan Clean Titanium Dioxide Photo-Catalytic Oxidizer (TiO2), also known as PCO technology, significantly increases the range and effectiveness of neutralizing hazardous airborne chemicals. An upgrade to the P714+ offers triple the TiO2 coating for even more powerful cleaning.

    • TitanClean Technology
      • Photocatalytic Oxidization (PCO) reflector US patent pending #29249549
      • Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) coated reflector surface
    • UV Germicidal Lamp: 16 watts
    • Fume / odor / chemical control: 18 lbs activated carbon 13' x 13' x 9'
    • Carbon bed: 2' deep x 570 sq'' surface
    • Particle removal: Metal capped Super HEPA filter (99.99% to 0.1 micron)
    • Air Flow 635 cfm: More cfm than any other home unit available
    • Pre-filter: 570 sq in x 1in deep
    • Housing: Powder coat steel
    • Unit Size: 23' in x 15' in
    • Operating Weight: 45lbs total
    • Voltage Options: 110V Standard or 220V option
    • Watts: 120 on high 40 on low
    • Sound Level
      • 30.2 db on low (at 6 feet)
      • 63 db on high at 6 feet.(Room level 25.1 db)
    • ETL Certified: Conforms to CSA C22.2 no 113 and ANSI / UL 507
    • Separate switch for your PCO 
    • Room Coverage: Up to 2400 Sq. Ft. - 2 Air exchanges per hour

      • Prefilter:
        • Clean regular with vacuum from exterior of unit.
        • Replace every 12 months in normal usage
        • HEPA Filter
          • Change every 2-3 years with carbon for best effectiveness
          • Carbon Filter
            • Change every 22-3 years under normal usage
            • Gaskets should be changed every time you replace carbon
          • Titan Clean PCO Reflectors
            • Change every 15-18 months of use
          • UV Lamp
            • Change every 13,000-17,000 hours (about 18-24 months of use)   
          • 1 Airpura P714 Air Purifier 
          • 1 Owner’s Manual
          • One of each Filters

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