Airpura P714 Air Purifier

Model: P714
Color: Cream
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Airpura P714 Air Purifier

Eliminate serious chemical, VOC, and bacterial or viral threats in your business or home with the Airpura P714 Air Purifier. This powerful device is designed to prevent unexpected government inspections caused by employee safety concerns or poor air quality. Similar to the P700 model, it features an upgraded Super HEPA filter that captures 99.99% of particles as small as 0.1 microns. The newly updated 635 CFM motor provides coverage for approximately 2400 square feet, while operating at an ultra-quiet level on low.

This product offers advanced functionality and versatility as a portable floor model air purifier. It utilizes 18 lbs of activated carbon and advanced PCO nano-technology, originally developed by NASA and perfected by Airpura, to effectively address a wide range of air quality concerns. From chemicals and odors to VOCs and airborne pathogens, the P714 Air Purifier efficiently eliminates these pollutants. Additionally, the inclusion of Airpura's Titan Clean Titanium Dioxide Photo-Catalytic Oxidizer (TiO2), also known as PCO technology, significantly increases the purifier's ability to neutralize dangerous airborne chemicals. For even more thorough cleaning power, upgrade to the P714+ with a 3x TiO2 coating.

  • TitanClean Technology
    • Photocatalytic Oxidization (PCO) reflector US patent pending #29249549
    • Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) coated reflector surface
  • UV Germicidal Lamp: 16 watts
  • Fume / odor / chemical control: 18 lbs activated carbon 13' x 13' x 9'
  • Carbon bed: 2' deep x 570 sq'' surface
  • Particle removal: Metal capped Super HEPA filter (99.99% to 0.1 micron)
  • Air Flow 635 cfm: More cfm than any other home unit available
  • Pre-filter: 570 sq in x 1in deep
  • Housing: Powder coat steel
  • Unit Size: 23' in x 15' in
  • Operating Weight: 45lbs total
  • Voltage Options: 110V Standard or 220V option
  • Watts: 120 on high 40 on low
  • Sound Level
    • 30.2 db on low (at 6 feet)
    • 63 db on high at 6 feet.(Room level 25.1 db)
  • ETL Certified: Conforms to CSA C22.2 no 113 and ANSI / UL 507
  • Separate switch for your PCO 
  • Room Coverage: Up to 2400 Sq. Ft. - 2 Air exchanges per hour

    • Prefilter:
      • Clean regular with vacuum from exterior of unit.
      • Replace every 12 months in normal usage
      • HEPA Filter
        • Change every 2-3 years with carbon for best effectiveness
        • Carbon Filter
          • Change every 22-3 years under normal usage
          • Gaskets should be changed every time you replace carbon
        • Titan Clean PCO Reflectors
          • Change every 15-18 months of use
        • UV Lamp
          • Change every 13,000-17,000 hours (about 18-24 months of use)   
        • 1 Airpura P714 Air Purifier 
        • 1 Owner’s Manual
        • One of each Filters

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