Airmax SW40 Shallow Water Pond Aerator System


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Maximize your pond's aeration with the Airmax SW40 system.

Discover the Airmax SW40 Shallow Water Pond Aerator System, an economic option designed to evenly aerate shallow water without sacrificing effectiveness. This innovative unit can effectively aerate up to half an acre of shallow ponds at a depth of 6 feet, promoting a vibrant and thriving aquatic environment.
As a product or industry expert, the SW40 Pond Aerator System effectively meets the challenge of providing bottom-diffused aeration for shallow ponds and lakes. Its specialized design caters to smaller bodies of water, eliminating the need for larger and more costly multi-plate systems that may significantly impact a user's budget.

Guarded Powerhouse – Airmax Composite Cabinet
The Airmax Composite Cabinet ensures the utmost protection for the SilentAir Compressor, safeguarding it from external elements and prolonging its lifespan.

Airmax Composite Cabinet

The cabinet includes a highly effective built-in cooling mechanism, as well as a ventilation fan with a rain shroud and a high-density air intake pre-filter for superior airflow distribution.

The elevated base of the cabinet offers flood and rainwater protection, while the removable top allows for convenient access for routine inspections and maintenance.


This ETL Listed cabinet comes with a pre-wired 6-foot power cord and the cabinet has a lifetime warranty, while its electrical components have a 2-year warranty.

SilentAir LR Series Linear Diaphragm Compressor – The Heart of Aeration
As the key component of the SW40 Shallow Water Pond Aerator System, the SilentAir LR Series Linear Diaphragm Compressor provides strong and energy-efficient operation while also remaining exceptionally quiet.

Airmax Compressor

The Compressor includes a 2-year warranty and boasts an integrated manifold with ball valves for easy airflow control. With rubber feet to minimize vibration, it guarantees a peaceful environment while effectively aerating the water.

ProAir2 Weighted Diffuser – Maximizing Oxygen Uptake
Designed for optimal oxygen transfer, the ProAir2 Weighted Diffuser utilizes efficient, low-maintenance membrane sticks.

Airmax Weighted Diffuser


The Airmax SW40 Shallow Water Pond Aerator System creates tiny bubbles that efficiently distribute oxygen throughout the water, offering a more environmentally-friendly alternative to conventional air stones. Its ProAir2 Diffuser comes with a built-in check valve to prevent back pressure, and its sleek sled design guarantees easy installation and a 5-year warranty for optimal performance.


Top-Quality EasySet Weighted Airline
The EasySet Weighted Airline, known for its durability and dependability, provides perfect underwater performance.

Airmax EasySet Airline


Built with durable materials, the Airmax SW40 Shallow Water Pond Aerator System can withstand tears and damage from hooks, foot traffic, and potential interruptions from cords. The system is specially designed to completely submerge underwater and remain unseen, with its 3/8-inch weighted EasySet airline ensuring it never floats to the surface.


  • Perfect for Shallow Water Ponds or Beach Areas
  • Single System can Aerate up to 1/2 Acre
  • ETL Electrical Safety Certification
  • Extremely Efficient Linear Diaphragm Compressor
  • Running Amps: 1.1
  • Volts: 115
  • Max CFM: 4.9
  • Max Diffuser Depth: 6'
  • Max Pond Size: 1/2 Acre
  • Approx Operating Cost/Month (24/7): $7.20
  • *Operating Cost was calculated at $0.07 per kilowatt hour. Please note that costs will vary depending on location.

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