AeroPilates Precision Cadillac Studio Tower 55-5604


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Comfort for both the feet and hands

The AeroPilates Cadillac Studio Tower is a standalone AeroPilates accessory designed to provide you with a powerful, full-featured workout, without the need for a Reformer. The Studio Tower comes with several different exercise configurations that stretch and strengthen the body in a gentle, low-impact manner.

Use the included push-through bar, roll down bar and arm and leg springs for a nearly endless variety of exercises. With the padded platform, it’s easy to do any exercise standing up, seated or lying down. Alter the angle and/or height of your chosen exercise by adjusting the clips and screws at various stations. Clips can be found on each bar and spring, making it easy to adjust on-the-fly.Burning calories, increasing flexibility and toning upper and lower body muscle is simplified with the AeroPilates Precision Series Cadillac Studio Tower.

Use the push-through bar for both upper and lower body work. Focus on front side muscle groups with exercises like chest press, front shoulder raises and a gentle leg press. If you want to switch to a greater focus on back-side upper and lower body groups, use the bar for exercises like deep back stretching, leg extensions or flutter kicks.

The roll-down bar is ideal for articulation of the spine and assisted ab or back exercises. One of the best parts about the roll-down bar is that during any exercise, core muscles are engaged and can be targeted specifically with the springs.
To work specific, highly-focused muscle groups, use the arm and leg springs.

Take your workout a step further and follow along with four guided workout videos demonstrating how to use your Tower to its max potential. AeroPilates expert Shauna Smith-Yates leads you through an Upper Body, Lower Body, Core and Full Body Cadillac Routine. Streams to your smartphone, PC, tablet or television.

As with all of the other products in the Precision Series line, the AeroPilates Cadillac Studio Tower is engineered to provide a precise workout and extended, lasting comfort. The included padded platform keeps you stable and firm during seated, standing or supine exercises.

The set of double loop straps included offer comfort for both the feet and hands and, best of all, can be interchangeably used on any apparatus. The foam-padded handle on the push-through bar and wooden handle on the roll down bar also aid in comfort.

Upgrade your fitness potential with the all-in-one fat burning, muscle toning AeroPilates Precision Series Cadillac Studio Tower.

  • Standalone accessory offers full-featured, AeroPilates workout

  • No reformer required

  • Includes four expert-guided, online workout videos, - Core Workout, Cadillac - Upper Body, Cadillac - Lower Body, Cadillac Workout

  • Spring-loaded push through bar, roll down bar and arm and leg springs allow for wide, full-body exercise variety

  • Padded platform for extended comfort

  • Clips and screws for easy exercise and/or height adjustment

  • Foam protector for push-through bar spring

  • Textured, plastic hand grips

  • Double loop fabric hand/foot straps

  • Solid steel frame construction

Recommended use: Use at home to improve flexibility, strength, and reduce stress.
Material: Steel frame, steel springs, padded platform, plastic handle grips, padded hand and foot loops, wood bar
Product Color: Precision gray, white, light wood, and black
Comfort Elements: Padded, upholstered top
Includes: Studio Tower, manual, and four expert-guided, online workout videos: Cadillac - Core Workout, Cadillac - Upper Body, Cadillac - Lower Body, Cadillac Workout
Assembly: Some assembly required
Dimensions: 76.75" x 24.25" x 67"
Weight: 79 lbs


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