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Protean 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter by RMB EV

The Protean by RMB EV is a dream scooter for someone who is on the go and wants a unit to easily travel with.  Because of the Protean's double reinforced seat post (that can easily be removed) and large wheels, this scooter can carry an impressive 350 lbs of weight. 

RMB Protean Folding Benefits & Features:

  • Horn

  • LED Battery Voltage Indicator

  • Powerful LED Head Light

  • Handbrake with auto power cut off and parking brake

  • Removable ignition key

  • 2-speed control button (8mph or 16mph)

  • Twist grip throttle

  • Reverse switch

  • Adjustable height seat and handlebars

  • Easy fold handlebars for convenient transporting in RV’s, Autos, etc.

  • Front fabric basket

  • Tow Hitch

Not only that, but this 3 wheel scooter can also be folded up very easily and in a compact form so you can easily store or travel with this scooter.  This makes it a space-saving scooter that minimizes the risk of obstruction and parking stress. The Protean is also a fast vehicle that can travel an impressive speed of up to mph. This 3 wheel scooter is very portable and a recommended unit for the traveling type.

RMB EV Protean Folded View


Folding Handlebars For Easy Storage:  When you want to take your RMB Protean Scooter on trips or vacations with you its a breeze.  With its ease of being foldable, this unit can easily be stored into your vehicle.

Offboard Charger: The battery on this scooter can easily be removed and it can be charged in your home if you choose to do so.  

Strong Battery Life: With its extended battery life of 30 miles on a single charge, the RMB Protean can last for the entire day of travel. 

Different Speed Settings: This scooter comes with a dual speed control button that enables the user to be able to switch between 8mph or 16mph. This helps you get a better sense of control over your scooter.

Headlight for Night: This unit also comes with an ultra bright LED headlight so you can safely drive at night with safety in mind.   

Adjustable Seat and Tiller: The RMB Protean can accommodate different heights with an adjusting seat and handlebars.  This helps give the user the most comfortable position when they go for a ride.  

Emergency Brake: When you want to come to a stop quickly and safely, the user can use the handbrake and also comes with a parking brake, when you are parked on steep inclines.  

Additional Features: the RMB protean also offers many additional bells and whistles such as a horn, removable ignition key, reverse switch, LED battery voltage indicator,  twist grip throttle, dual USB to charge other secondary devices, tool kit and owner’s manual, 48v external charger, and a front wheel splash guard.

Folded Dimensions: 29" x 27" x 20"
Product Size: 45” x 27” x 44.5”
Max. Speed: Up to 16 mph/26 km
Single Charge: Up to 30 miles/48 km
Max Capacity: 350 lbs/159 kg
Net Weight: 101 lbs./46 kg
Tire: Front Tire 16, Rear Tire 12.5
Power Control: Pure electric
Motor Power: 48V 500W
Motor Type: Wheel motor, DC brush less
Battery Type: Sealed Lead-acid
Battery Capacity: 48V 10Ah
Charging Time: 6-8 hours
Charger Voltage: 110V-240V


RMB Protean Owner's Manual

RMB Protean Product Brochure


-6 months on unit

-3 months on tires and battery

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