RMB EV Multi-Point 48v 500W 3 Wheel Electric Scooter - RMB MP

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The RMB-EV Multi-Point 3 wheel electric tricycle is a durable unit that has a 350 weight capacity and has the ability to tow a trailer or another person behind it. 

The Multi-Point Scooter was designed with RMB EV's customer's requests and desires and these were put into one unit as a one scooter fits all type of mobility option. 

RMB EV Multi-Point Benefits & Features: 

  • Horn

  • LED Battery Voltage Indicator

  • Powerful LED Head Light

  • Hand Brake with auto power cut off and parking brake

  • Removable ignition key

  • 2 speed control switch with removable key (8mph or 16mph)

  • Twist grip throttle

  • Reverse switch

  • Adjustable height seat and handlebars

  • Easy fold handlebars for convenient transporting in RV’s, Autos, etc.

  • Tow Hitch

  • USB for phone recharge etc.

  • Tool Kit and Owner’s Manual

  • 48V external charger

  • Removable battery pack for charging in or out of scooter

  • Front wheel splash guard

  • Durable rubber deck mat

  • Front basket


RMB EV Multi Point 3 Wheel Scooter

Whether using this unit for fun, utility, convenience, or mobility, the Multi-Point offers options that other 3 wheel scooters in its class can't compete against.  In addition to sporting a powerful 500W motor, the RMB EV Multi-Point comes standard with a reverse option, a tow hitch, basket, folding handle bars, a 2 speed switch, and an easy swap battery pack that makes changing the battery out a snap! 

This 3 wheel electric scooter offers an impressive performance with a battery range of up to 30 miles on a single charge and a top speed of 16 mph, which is unheard of in this type of unit!  Additionally, this RMB EV scooter comes with extra space on the floor deck. 

This is because of its flat design which allows riders to get on the scooter without lifting their legs over the battery box compared to others in its class.  The battery on this unit can be easily removed and it can be charged indoors for simplicity.  The Multi-point is also environmentally friendly since it does not produce carbon emissions. 

RMB EV Multi-Tote Trailer Accessory:

The RMB EV Multi-Point also comes with two optional accessories.  One if the Multi-Tote utility trailer.  This was designed and made to fit through narrow spaces, yet strong enough to support up to 350lbs,  The Multi-tote Trailer is perfect for hauling your belongings while shopping or even bringing along your pooch!

RMB EV Multi Point With Trailer

  • Model: RMB Multi-tote

  • Product size: Box dimensions-32” L x 19.25” W x 6.5” H (length with tow hitch 44”)

  • Max capacity: 350 LBS

  • Tire Size: 2.8/2.5, inflated


 RMB EV Multi Point With Tag A Long Trailer

The RMB Tag-a-Long allows you to tow another person from your Multi-Point, Protean, or e-Quad scooters.  Comfortable back rest and sturdy handlebars assist in passenger comfort.  Now your significant other can walk or ride!


Model:  RMB MP
 Product size:   Up to 16 mph/26km
Range: Up to 30 miles/48km on a single charge
Max capacity:  300lbs/135kg
Net weight:  101 lbs./46 kg
Tire:  front tire 16, rear tire 12.5
Power control: Pure electric
Motor: Motor Power 48V 500W
Motor Type: Wheel motor, DC brushless
Battery: Battery Type Sealed Lead-acid
Battery capacity: 48V 12Ah
Charging time: 6-8h
Charger:   Voltage 110V-240V


RMB EV Multi-Point Owner's Manual

RMB EV Multi-Point Product Brochure


6 months on unit

3 months on tires and battery

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