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The Libert-e Electric Trike Scooter by RMB EV is unlike other electric pedal tricycles in its class. 

Other electric trike scooters have either a front wheel motor or rear wheel motor that only powers one wheel.  This can cause the unit to not have as much torque or traction, which can ultimately lead to safety concerns. 

RMB-EV LIBERT-E Benefits & Features:

  • Cost Efficient: around $0.05 to run per mile

  • Easily removable battery- charge the battery indoors separately for ease of use.

  • Ample Cargo Room- store your belongings in the huge rear basket wherever you ride!

  • Environmental friendly- no carbon monoxide emanations

  • Stable 3 Wheels- comfortable ride on any terrain.

  • Max speed of 11 mph- smooth, fast, and fun ride.

  • Up to 15 miles- long lasting battery life.

However, with the Libert-e, it has a strong 350W electric motor that is connected the rear end just like a car.  This allows the power to be distributed evenly to both rear wheels providing more power, traction, and safety. This trike scooter also comes standard with lithium batteries, advanced front shocks, and both front and rear disc brakes. 

The Libert-e can reach a top speed of 11 mph and is perfect for easy cruising.  Also the battery is an offboard battery, meaning that you can take it off and charge it wherever you need to, then place it back on the unit.  The battery life on this unit is 15 miles on a single charge and is fairly lightweight at just under 100 lbs.  
 RMB-EV LIBERT-E  Lithium Batteries View

Tire front tire  20"
Rear tire  18"
Speed: Single Speed 
Pedal Assist:  Yes
Throttle: Yes
Motor Power  36V 350W
Motor Type DC Brush Motor
Battery Type Lithium Battery
Battery capacity  36V 10Ah
Charging time 6-8 hours
Suspension Aluminum alloy fork
Brakes Front and rear DISC brakes
Dimensions 71L x 26W x 45"H
Weight 99 Lbs / 44.9 kg
Warranty 6 month limited warranty

RMB-EV LIBERT-E Owner's Manual

RMB-EV LIBERT-E  Product Brochure

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