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The Jacob's Ladder X Ultimate Cardio Machine

The Jacobs Ladder X ladder climbing exercise machine is designed specifically for training fitness enthusiasts, athletes and professionals. JLX marks the first major redesign to Jacobs Ladder in over 20 years, and offers four different climbing positions to train different muscle groups at different intensity levels. The JLX also features a redesigned display and dashboard, providing more feedback and information on workout intensity levels based on speed.

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The JLX offers side rail, stand-up, sled drive and hand over hand climbing positions, allowing you to target different muscle groups at different intensity levels.


The new dashboard design provides more insight on your workout, including calorie burn, climb rate, total feet climbed and workout intensity level.


The self-powered Jacobs Ladder does not need to be plugged into a wall outlet to be an effective piece of gym equipment.

Similar to its predecessor, the JLX model is equally adept at providing high-intensity interval training for competitive athletes and offering low-impact cardiovascular exercise for safe and effective rehabilitation. The device's 40-degree incline angle naturally minimizes strain on the lower back, hips, and knees during your workout, while its self-powered feature allows you to set your own pace without the need for a power outlet nearby.

Frame Welded   Tubular and Laser Cut Steel
Length 80.125”
Width 30.5” w/o removable cupholders,   37.25” with removable cupholders
Height 69.5”
Weight 375 lbs (machine only), 512 lbs   (including packaging)
Rungs 2” Solid Maple with UV Cured   Acrylic coating
Case ABS Plastic
Power Self-Powered
Ceiling   Height Requirement 8.5 feet
Digital   Readout Elapsed Time, Calorie Burn, Rate   (Ft/Min), Total Feet Climbed, Intensity Level
Warranty 2 Years on Parts / 1 Year on Labor


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