Holland Green Science Xiros Mikro UL-Certified Freeze Dryer Designed for Laboratory & Industrial use

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Holland Green Science Xiros Mikro UL-Certified Freeze Dryer Designed for Laboratory & Industrial use

The Xiros Mikro by Holland Green Science is a beacon of innovation in the world of freeze drying technology. Designed with utmost precision, this machine is more than just a freeze dryer; it's a symbol of efficiency, innovation, and cutting-edge technology. The Xiros Mikro is crafted to offer users an unparalleled experience in freeze drying, ensuring optimal results every time.

What sets the Xiros Mikro apart is its commitment to excellence. Every feature, every component, and every design aspect is meticulously crafted to ensure the highest standards of performance. With Holland Green Science's legacy of innovation and quality, users can trust the Xiros Mikro to deliver consistent and exceptional results. Dive into the future of freeze drying with the unmatched capabilities of the Xiros Mikro.

Is the Holland Green Science Xiros Mikro Freeze Dryer Right for Me?

If you're seeking a cutting-edge solution in freeze drying technology, the Holland Green Science Xiros Mikro is your answer. Perfect for those who prioritize efficiency, innovation, and precision, this product promises an unparalleled freeze drying experience. Whether you're in a laboratory setting or need specialized material processing, this is the product for you.

Features and Benefits

  • Innovative Design: A beacon of innovation in freeze drying technology.
  • Temperature-Controlled Heated Shelves: Ensures optimal drying conditions for various materials.
  • Versatile Configuration: Adaptable tray stack configurations to suit different needs.
  • High Performance: Designed for top-tier freeze drying, commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Why Holland Green Science?

Holland Green Science stands at the forefront of freeze drying technology, consistently delivering products that embody efficiency, innovation, and precision. With a commitment to excellence, choosing Holland Green Science means investing in reliability and top-tier performance.

Weight 87 kg
Dimension[L×W×H,mm] 465 x 210 x 240
Ice Condenser Capacity 8kg
Brand Holland Green Science
SKU 10107002
Rated Voltage 110 v +/-10%
Weight (approx.) 87 kg
Rated Frequency 60Hz
Max Vacuum Pump Current 3 A
Total Condenser Volume 11L
Ice Condenser Capacity 8 kg
Ice Condenser Performance 4 kg per 24 hours
Ice Condenser Temperature -40 °C
Ultimate Vacuum 0.025
Minimum Shelf Temperature -35 °C
Dimension[D×W×H] 465 x 210 x 240
Maximum Shelf Temperature 60 °C
Number of Trays 9
Shelf Stack Options 9, 7, 5, 3, 1 shelves
Typical Product Capacity 9.6 kg at 80% moisture



Holland Green Science is proud of the Xiros Mikro freeze dryer's advanced features and reliability. This high-performance design ensures efficient freeze drying, making it ideal for the global pharmaceutical industry. As with all Holland Green Science products, it's essential to follow the user manual's guidelines for optimal performance. Please be aware that damages from external causes or misuse are not covered under the standard product guidelines.

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