Heliatos Boat Freeze Protected Solar Water Heater Kit with External Heat Exchanger

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Heliatos Boat Freeze Protected Solar Water Heater Kit with External Heat Exchanger

This kit contains everything you need to add a high quality solar water heater to your boat. If your boat water heater does not have a built-in heat exchanger but you still want to install a freeze protected (closed loop) system this kit is for you. Included is a compact stainless steel heat exchanger (316 alloy) and all other parts required for a closed loop system. The antifreeze in the solar loop is heated by Heliatos MH-38 solar water heating panel. This panel has unbreakable twinwall polycarbonate glazing that can withstand hail and other debris. Its strong aluminum frame makes it tough yet lightweight, only weighing 12 lbs.

The MH-38  panels include special features to prevent corrosion even in the harshest marine environments:

  • Powder-coated frame and backing, gives the appearance of white enamel
  • Zinc-phosphate internal corrosion protection
  • Sealed construction
  • Stainless steel hardware

These panels have unbreakable twinwall polycarbonate glazing, and a strong aluminum frame, yet only weighs 12 lbs.

    MH-38 Solar


    • Glazing: UV resistant twin wall polycarbonate
    • Frame: Powder coated architectural grade aluminum alloy 6063
    • Insulation: Polyiso foam (meets requirements for ASTM-C1289, Type 1
    • specification)
    • Water Conduit: Copper Tubing (Alloy C12200 certified for public water supplies meeting EPA Lead and Copper Rule 56 FR26460, June 7th, 1991)
    • Fittings: Brass, Lead Free compliant with Federal Reduction of Lead in Drinking Water Act ,Dezincification resistant
    • Internal Corrosion Protection: Zinc phosphate, polyurethane foam sealant, high endurance silicone
    • Seals: Butyl rubber


    • Length: 24.0 Inches
    • Width: 25.25 Inches
    • Height: 2.125 Inches
    • Active Collector Area: 3.674 ft2
    • Mounting Hole Spacing: 24.75 x 17.00 Inches x Inches
    • Volume of Liquid in Collector: 7.7 fl. oz.
    • Total Panel Weight: 14 lb.
    • Input and Output Connections: 3/8 “ Compression Fitting

    Maximum Ratings

    • Pressure: 200 Psi
    • Collector Temperature: 203 ºF
    • Mounting Surface Unevenness: ¼ Inch (corner to corner)
    • Your selected quantity of Heliatos MH-38 Solar Water Heating Panel 
    • 1 HS-21 Heliatos solar circulation pump
    • 1 TopsFlo TD5 Stainless Steel Circulation Pump 
    • 1 25 Watt PV Solar panel to power the pump 
    • Wire and PV panel mounting tabs 
    • 25 ft of 1/4' PEX tubing
    • Amtrol #15 Expansion Tank
    • RV/Marine Glycol Fill and Purge Valve with Drill Pump and Instructions
    • Compact Stainless Steel (Alloy 316) Heat Exchanger
    • 1 Complete Set of Fittings and Adapters
      • Assumes Marine water heater with 1/2' NPT connections (most common)
      • Contact us for non-standard Water Heaters or Connections
    • Clear and easy to follow installation instructions

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