Alien Hydroponics V-System 24 Pot 4 Row Kit Rdwc Hydroponic System - 9167


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Alien Hydroponics V-System 24 Pot 4 Row Kit Rdwc Hydroponic System - 9167

Step into the future of hydroponics with the Alien Hydroponics V-System 24 Pot 4 Row Kit RDWC Hydroponic System. This advanced hydroponic solution is engineered to deliver unparalleled oxygenation and nutrient distribution, ensuring robust root health and maximized yields. Developed over years of research and innovation, the V-System brings cutting-edge technology to your grow operation.

  • Direct Nutrient Distribution: Each pot receives nutrients directly, ensuring uniform growth across your entire system.

  • Maximum Oxygen Saturation: The precision water flow creates a whirlpool effect, oxygenating the entire pot, not just the area around the air source.

  • No Air Pump Needed: Innovative design eliminates the need for traditional air pumps.

  • Cooler Water Temperatures: The external pump location minimizes heat transfer, reducing the risk of root rot.

  • Vortex Fluid Motion: The Vortex pump ensures a continuous flow of nutrient solution to each pot.

  • Supports Large Plants: The 15-gallon pots are designed to accommodate substantial root zones and large plants.

  • Complete Drainage: Sloped pot design allows for full drainage, maintaining fresh nutrient solution.

  • Integrated Filtration: Built-in filtration keeps your nutrient solution clean and your system running smoothly.

  • Heavy-Duty Components: Durable materials and construction ensure long-lasting performance.

  • Easy Installation: Push-fit feed connections make setup quick and straightforward.

Model Alien Hydroponics V-System 28 Pot 4 Row Kit
Pot Size 15 gallons (58 liters)
Number of Pots 24
Tubing Diameter 5 inches
Pump JET-STREAM® Vortex
Material T304 Stainless steel clamps, heavy-duty components
Color Black
Country of Origin Britain


1x V-SYSTEM Vortex Water Pump 1500W 240V 22500 l/h
24x V-Pot 58L
24x V-Pot Base
24x V-Pot Lid
24x V-Pot Lid Inspection Cover
24x Square Net Pot
24x V-Pot Clip
24x Air Filter for V-SYSTEM Venturi, 6mm
24x Silencer for Venturi
24x Venturi Fitting
24x Venturi Air Inlet Pipe 6mm Blue (2X 4")
25x Nut 5"
25x Washer 5" Green Silicone
58x 5" Stainless Steel Clamp
1x Distribution Tee 50mm
4x DM Push-Fit Elbow 28mm V-SYSTEM
24x DM Push-Fit Tee 28-15mm V-SYSTEM
1x 1/2" Drain Cap Fitting
1x Drain Tap 1/2"-16mm Barb
2x Elbow 5" Barbed with Drain Point
5x Elbow 5" Threaded Dual-Flow
1x Filter Manifold Complete 50mm-2"
1x Float Valve
1x V-SYSTEM Header Pot 20L 50mm
1x Silver Lid
1x Header Pot Blank
1x Hosetail 16mm-3/4" Female Green
24x Venturi Inlet Fitting for 28mm Pipe
24x Pipe 28mm White Rigid 1 Meter - Venturi Feed
6x Pipe 50mm Silver 1 Meter
27x Pipe 5" Silver Spiral 80cm
3x Tee 5" Barbed
20x Tee Threaded 5" Dual-Flow
2x Threaded Tank Connector 1"
1x Vortex Pump Inlet Manifold 50mm
2x 1" Cap for Chiller Connections
1x 50mm Straight Dual Flow Fitting
1x Elbow 50mm Barbed
1x Terminal Manifold Left 50mm
2x Terminal Manifold Center 50mm
1x Terminal Manifold Right 50mm
64x 28mm Insert for 28mm Rigid Pipe
4x 28mm Push-Fit Stop End
14x Clamp Size 4
1x 8mm Screwdriver for 5" Clamp
1x Wrench 5"
1x Wrench for Float Valve
1x 8mm Socket for 5" Clamp
1x Pipe Cutter 50mm
6x Silicone Grease - Food Grade

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