Alien Hydroponics 16 Pot (2 Row) V-System RDWC


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Alien Hydroponics 16 Pot (2 Row) V-System RDWC

Welcome to the future of hydroponics. The powerful V-SYSTEM™ has been designed to help you grow trees with brand-new technology never seen before in the industry. Years have been spent developing this highly oxygenated RDWC system that will give you the healthiest root zones and massive yields.

In an industry first, the V-SYSTEM™ doesn’t use an air pump to oxygenate the nutrient solution. Instead, using precision design, the water flow creates a whirlpool that oxygenates the fluid content of the entire pot, rather than just the area around the air source. No matter where your roots are growing in the pot, they will receive the highest oxygen levels to grow exceptional crops.

The nutrient solution is further oxygenated using venturi valve technology to draw air into the pot. Simple yet effective.

The massive 15 Gallon / 58ltr V-SYSTEM™ pots can hold giant root zones allowing for huge plants and the highest yields. Expertly designed, the sloped shape of the pot also enables you to drain the entire system so you’ll only grow in the freshest water.

Unlike other hydroponics systems, the V-SYSTEM’s™ JET-STREAM® Vortex water pump is located outside the header pot, so less heat is transferred to the fluid. Cooler water temps mean less chance of root rot and other pathogens affecting your crop.

  • 15 Gallon (58L) V-Pot: Large capacity pots for substantial root growth.

  • Water Fill Line: Easy monitoring of water levels.

  • Total-Drainage Bases: Ensure the freshest water for plant growth.

  • Venturi Injectors: Efficient oxygenation without an air pump.

  • Inspection Covers: Easy access for system maintenance.

  • 5" Spiral Tubing: Customizable length for flexible setup.

  • 5" Dual-Flow™ Fittings: Enhanced nutrient flow and distribution.

  • Integrated Filtration: Keeps nutrient solution clean and free of debris.

  • T304 Stainless Clamps: Durable and rust-resistant.

  • Heavy-Duty Components: Built to last and withstand rigorous use.

  • Push-Fit Feed Connections: Simplifies setup and maintenance.

  • JET-STREAM® Vortex™ Pump: Ensures optimal water flow and oxygenation.

Number of pots 16
Number of rows 2
Kit total fluid volume 262.6 gallons (994 fl oz)
Length 15' 10.9" (190.9 inches / 4850 mm)
Width 3 11.2" (47.2 inches / 1200 mm)
Model V-SYSTEM Vortex Water Pump 1100W 120V 17700 l/h
Wattage 1100 watts
Flow Rate 4676 gal/hr (17700 L/hr)
Recommended water chiller minimum capacity 396 gallons (1500 L)


  1. 1x V-SYSTEM Vortex Water Pump 1100W 120V 17700 l/h

  2. 16x V-Pot 58L

  3. 16x V-Pot Base

  4. 16x V-Pot Lid

  5. 16x V-Pot Lid Inspection Cover

  6. 16x Square Net Pot

  7. 16x V-Pot Clip

  8. 16x Air Filter for V-SYSTEM Venturi, 6mm

  9. 16x Silencer for Venturi

  10. 16x Venturi Fitting

  11. 16x Venturi Air Inlet Pipe 6mm Blue (2X 4")

  12. 7x Nut 5"

  13. 17x Washer 5" Green Silicone

  14. 38x 5" Stainless Steel Clamp

  15. 1x Distribution Tee 50mm

  16. 2x DM Push-Fit Elbow 28mm V-SYSTEM

  17. 16x DM Push-Fit Tee 28-15mm V-SYSTEM

  18. 1x 1/2" Drain Cap Fitting

  19. 1x Drain Tap 1/2"-16mm Barb

  20. 2x Elbow 5" Barbed with Drain Point

  21. 3x Elbow 5" Threaded Dual-Flow

  22. 1x Filter Manifold Complete 50mm-1.5"

  23. 1x Float Valve

  24. 1x V-SYSTEM Header Pot 20L 40mm

  25. 1x Silver Lid

  26. 1x Header Pot Blank

  27. 1x Hosetail 16mm-3/4" Female Green

  28. 16x Venturi Inlet Fitting for 28mm Pipe

  29. 16x Pipe 28mm White Rigid 1 Meter - Venturi Feed

  30. 1x Pipe 32mm Red 1 Meter Spiral

  31. 1x Pipe 40mm Silver 1 Meter Spiral

  32. 2x Pipe 50mm Silver 1 Meter

  33. 17x Pipe 5" Silver Spiral 80cm

  34. 1x Tee 5" Barbed

  35. 14x Tee Threaded 5" Dual-Flow

  36. 2x Threaded Tank Connector 1"

  37. 1x Vortex Pump Inlet Manifold 40mm Short

  38. 2x 1" Cap for Chiller Connections

  39. 1x Tank Connector Straight 32mm

  40. 1x Tank Connector Straight 40mm

  41. 1x Elbow 50mm Barbed

  42. 1x Terminal Manifold Left 50mm

  43. 1x Terminal Manifold Right 50mm

  44. 40x 28mm Insert for 28mm Rigid Pipe

  45. 2x 28mm Push-Fit Stop End

  46. 2x Clamp Size 2

  47. 2x Clamp Size 3

  48. 8x Clamp Size 4

  49. 1x 8mm Screwdriver for 5" Clamp

  50. 1x Wrench 5"

  51. 1x Wrench for Float Valve

  52. 1x 8mm Socket for 5" Clamp

  53. 1x Pipe Cutter 50mm

  54. 4x Silicone Grease - Food Grade

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