Airmar R509C-LM CHIRP 3KW Transducer - CW98290


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Airmar R509C-LM CHIRP 3KW Transducer - CW98290

The Airmar R509C-LM CHIRP 3KW Transducer is a premium upgrade for serious anglers seeking exceptional target detail, bottom discrimination, and deeper water performance. This transducer unlocks the full potential of your CHIRP-enabled fishfinder, providing unparalleled sonar capabilities for freshwater and saltwater fishing adventures.

  • Depth & Water-Temperature Sensor: Equipped with a fast-response water-temperature sensor, this transducer provides accurate depth readings and real-time water temperature data.

  • Epoxy Transducer Housing: The transducer housing is constructed with epoxy and features a high-performance fairing, ensuring durability and optimal performance in various water conditions.

  • Ideal for Various Hulls: Designed for use on hulls with up to 25° deadrise, making it suitable for a wide range of vessels.

  • Wide Bandwidth: With 82 kHz of total bandwidth from one transducer, you get exceptional coverage and clarity, enhancing your fishing experience.

Boat Size 12 m (40 ft.)
Hull Type Fiberglass, wood, or metal
Engine Type Inboard, outboard or I/O
Low (28 kHz to 60 kHz)
Medium (80 kHz to 130 kHz)
Low 23° to 9° port/starboard, 11° to 5° fore-aft
Medium 13° to 8°
Maximum Depth
Low 10,000 ft. (3048 m)
Medium 3,000 ft. (914 m)
Bottom Coverage Relative to Frequency and Depth
Depth (50 ft.) 10 ft.
Depth (100 ft.) 24 ft.
Depth (300 ft.) 68 ft.
Depth (600 ft.) 136 ft.
Depth (1000 ft.) 228 ft.
Depth (1500 ft.) 340 ft.
Depth (2000 ft.) 456 ft.
Depth (2500 ft.) 570 ft.


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