Aeolus Stand Finishing Dryer for Pet Groomers - AE-TD-906-Pink


Color: Pink
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Aeolus Stand Finishing Dryer for Pet Groomers - AE-TD-906-Pink

The Aeolus stand finishing dryer is a favorite among is an extremely quiet yet powerful grooming dryer This dryer is positioned on 4 caster wheels that are lockable. The dryer head turns a full 360°, making it easy to position the dryer in any angle to achieve a beautiful coat on the animal you are grooming.
Each grooming dryer has two adjustable knobs. The first adjusts the wind speed from low to high. The second adjusts the temperature from 77°F to 167°F. The double layer housing on the heating element prevents this grooming dryer from reaching any risk of over-heating.
Along with the power and the heating on/off button, this finishing dryer has a button that helps generate negative ions that aid in containing internal cuticle moisture, taming unruly hair and straightening curly coats. Negative ions also help in purifying the air and creating a healthier environment for you and the pets you groom.

The Aeolus finishing grooming dryer is practically maintenance-free with a brushless motor. We have provided easy access to the foam mesh filter in the back of the dryer, so you can easily give it a rinse after each business day. This grooming dryer does not require oiling or greasing of internal parts. It is energy efficient and very economic to run, helping you save on your energy bill.
As an added bonus, this grooming dryer is extremely quiet, not going above 40 decimals (the ambient sound of a library), helping reduce noise pollution and aiding in drying animals prone to anxiety.

    • Quiet Yet Powerful Operation: This grooming dryer boasts an extremely quiet operation while delivering powerful drying performance, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum comfort for your furry clients.

    • 360° Rotating Dryer Head: Positioned on four caster wheels, with lockable features, the dryer head rotates a full 360°, providing unparalleled flexibility in positioning the dryer to achieve optimal grooming results from any angle.

    • Adjustable Settings: Each grooming dryer features two adjustable knobs, allowing you to control wind speed (low to high) and temperature (77°F to 167°F), enabling personalized grooming experiences tailored to each pet's needs.

    • Double-Layer Housing: The double-layer housing on the heating element prevents overheating, ensuring the safety of both groomers and pets during use, providing peace of mind throughout the grooming process.

    • Negative Ion Generator: Enhancing grooming outcomes, the dryer includes a button to generate negative ions, aiding in moisture containment, taming unruly hair, straightening curly coats, and purifying the air, creating a healthier environment for both groomers and pets.

    • Maintenance-Free Operation: Equipped with a brushless motor, this grooming dryer requires minimal maintenance. Easy access to the foam mesh filter at the back of the dryer allows for effortless cleaning after each business day, eliminating the need for oiling or greasing internal parts.

    color options: Pink, Red, Black, and White
    Power Supply: 110V
    Blow Force: 1HP
    Maximum Speed: 38m/s
    Highest Temperature: 167°F
    Noise: 39.8dbA
    NW: 37lbs
    Arm Extension: 4.5ft
    Negative Ion Concentration: 8 million/cm³

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