Aeolus Stainless Steel Cage Bank - AE-KA-505M-201


Size: 22" L x 26" D x30" H
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Aeolus Stainless Steel Cage Bank - AE-KA-505M-201

One of Aeolus's most popular cage banks: the KA-505-201!

Made from a high grade 201 SUS stainless steel, this cost-effective modular cage bank system boasts single-handed, double-point locks and narrowly spaced wires at the latch area, preventing pets from opening the latch with their paws.

Customers rave about this cage bank as having the perfect design, quick installation and a stable structure.

This sleek looking cage bank comes equipped with easy to remove waste trays, making cleaning a breeze. Our unique large sized cage has an easy to remove divider panel, allowing the cages to become one large cage or two medium size cages.

    • High-Grade Stainless Steel Construction: Made from high-grade 201 SUS stainless steel, this cage bank system ensures durability and longevity, providing a safe and secure environment for pets.

    • Single-Handed, Double-Point Locks: Boasting single-handed, double-point locks, this cage bank system offers enhanced security, preventing pets from opening the latch with their paws. The narrowly spaced wires at the latch area further reinforce security measures.

    • Customer-Favorite Design: Customers rave about the KA-505-201's perfect design, quick installation, and stable structure, making it a popular choice among pet care professionals.

    • Easy-to-Remove Waste Trays: Equipped with easy-to-remove waste trays, cleaning becomes a breeze, ensuring a hygienic environment for pets and caregivers alike.

    • Unique Large Cage Configuration: The unique large-sized cage features an easy-to-remove divider panel, allowing for versatile configurations. Transform the cages into one large cage or two medium-sized cages according to your specific needs.

    Material: High-grade 201 SUS stainless steel
    Locking Mechanism: Single-handed, double-point locks
    Latch Area: Narrowly spaced wires to prevent paw access
    Configuration Options: Recommended configurations include 4 medium cages over 2 large cages, or 2 medium cages over 1 large cage
    Waste Trays: Easy-to-remove waste trays for effortless cleaning
    Large Cage Features: Easy-to-remove divider panel for versatile cage configurations

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