Aeolus Pro Electric Lift Grooming Table -AE-FT-899PRO-White


Color: Pearl
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Aeolus Pro Electric Lift Grooming Table -AE-FT-899PRO-White

The new purple pro and pearl pro electric lift accordion grooming tables are Aeolus's response to the groomer's desires. This pet grooming table lifts from 12" to 50" and has a loading capacity of 200lbs. This is the perfect table for tall groomers!! Lift the table from both sides with the new easy lift remote. Pedals on one side and a movable remote on the other side.

This table is equipped with all the pro features that groomers have grown to love about their pet grooming tables. This grooming table features an electric outlet with two plugs and two USB ports, so you never miss a clients calls again. The outlet is rated for 15AMPS.

One the right side, the purple pro and the pearl pro electric lift grooming tables have several hooks, making it easy to hang the towels and tools that you need within arms length while grooming.

The purple pro table also comes equipped with a small drawer to store tools in while you are grooming.

With the longevity of use in mind, we have designed this grooming table with water resistant pedals, making this grooming table ease to raise and lower no matter how full your hands are.

Your grooming table will rest on four leveling feet. These feet can be easily adjusted to provide a stable work space. Just a quick turn or two will adjust the grooming table to be level even if the floor is at a slant.

As an added advantage, the tabletop of the purple pro and the pearl pro electric lift grooming table. is removable. This allows for an easy clean up after a long day of grooming cats and dogs. This table is equipped with a welded grooming arm slot along the table top frame, ensuring that grooming arms are firmly planted in place.

    • Dual-Sided Easy Lift: Effortlessly elevate the table from both sides using the innovative easy lift remote, featuring pedals on one side and a movable remote on the other, ensuring seamless operation.

    • Pro Features: Equipped with essential pro features, including an electric outlet with two plugs and two USB ports, ensuring you stay connected without missing a client's call. The outlet is rated for 15AMPS, catering to your power needs.

    • Convenient Storage: The Purple Pro and Pearl Pro tables feature multiple hooks on the right side, providing easy access to towels and tools during grooming. Additionally, the Purple Pro table includes a small drawer for tool storage, enhancing organization.

    • Water-Resistant Pedals: Designed for longevity and ease of use, the grooming table features water-resistant pedals, facilitating effortless raising and lowering even with full hands.

    • Stable Workspace: Resting on four adjustable leveling feet, the table ensures a stable workspace. Quick adjustments guarantee a level surface, regardless of the floor's slant, providing optimal stability during grooming sessions.

    • Removable Tabletop: For hassle-free cleanup after grooming sessions, the tabletop is removable, allowing for easy maintenance. The welded grooming arm slot ensures secure placement of grooming arms, enhancing stability during use.

    • Extra Tall Overhead Grooming Arm: Included for free, the brand-new extra tall overhead grooming arm prevents large dogs from hitting their heads, ensuring a comfortable grooming experience for your furry clients.

    Table Dimensions: 50" x 26" x 12"-50"
    Tabletop Dimensions: 48"x 24"
    Lift Range: 12" to 50"
    Load Capacity: 200 lbs
    Leveling Feet: Adjustable
    Removable Tabletop for Easy Cleanup
    Small Tools Drawer Included

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