A&E Small Walk-in Aviary - AE-WI6262-BLK


Size: (62"x 62"x 79")
Color: Black
Sale price$2,491.00


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A&E Small Walk-in Aviary - AE-WI6262-BLK

Step into the realm of avian luxury with the A&E Small Walk-in Aviary, a sanctuary crafted for the comfort and security of your feathered friends. This spacious aviary boasts exterior dimensions of (62" x 62" x 79") or (86" x 62" x 79"), offering ample room for your birds to spread their wings and explore. With key locks on the door, you can rest assured that your avian companions are safe and secure, while the three swing-out feeder doors and stainless steel bowls provide convenient access to food and water.

Constructed with durability and safety in mind, this aviary features a non-toxic, powder-coated finish that ensures longevity and peace of mind. The generous interior height of 79" allows your birds to move freely within the aviary, while the 1" bar spacing prevents escape and ensures their safety. Whether you're a seasoned avian enthusiast or a novice bird keeper, the A&E Small Walk-in Aviary offers a luxurious retreat for your beloved feathered companions.

  • Secure Access: Equipped with key locks on the door, ensuring the safety and security of your feathered companions.

  • Convenient Feeding: The aviary features three swing-out feeder doors, providing easy access to food and water for your birds.

  • Stainless Steel Bowls: Includes three stainless steel bowls for feeding, ensuring durability and easy cleaning.

  • Safe Finish: Coated with a non-toxic, durable, and safe powder-coated finish, creating a comfortable and secure environment for your birds.

Door size 69" x 25"
Sku: AE-WI6262-BLK
Exterior Dimensions: (62"x 62"x 79") or (86" x 62" x 79")
Interior Height: 79"
Bar Spacing: 1"


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