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Gas Type: Propane
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Have Fun This Summer With the Modeno Roca!

The Modeno Roca Round Fire Table is the perfect complement to almost any patio or deck. Extend the useable seasons of your outdoor entertainment space well into fall with the warmth and beauty provided by this attractive and functional concrete fire table. 

Built to last, this glass-fiber reinforced concrete fire pit will provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. Whether you are hanging with your kids and drinking hot cocoa while toasting marshmallows, spending a romantic evening with your significant other, or entertaining friends and neighbors, this compact fire table is the perfect fit for your backyard. 

See Features Below:

Durable Concrete Construction 

Concrete can take whatever the weather throws at it. Neither extreme heat nor biting cold will cause it to crack or crumble, and it can withstand rain and snow without peeling or rusting like fire pits built of metal often do. 

Concrete requires very minimal maintenance to keep it strong and beautiful season after season. 

Battery Powered Auto-Ignition 

No more fumbling with lighters or matches! The push button ignition feature of this round fire table means that starting your fire can be done quickly, safely, and without excessive fumes or smoke. The ignition mechanism also features an automatic cut off to maximize safety. 

Attractive When Lit and When Sitting Idle 

The Modeno Roca Round Concrete Fire Table is a pleasure to look at even when it's not producing flames. Filled with high quality lava rocks, included with purchase, or any of the optional glass rocks available, this fire pit adds beauty and interest to any outdoor décor. 

Its compact size — 34” wide and only 15” high — means that it can be added to your deck or patio without obstructing the view or the walkways. 

When lit, its low stature means that you can sit and still stare down into the mesmerizing flames. The light-colored pit glows in the firelight and reflects back in a constantly evolving light show for you and your guests. 

Natural Gas or Propane 

You can enjoy the benefits of a Roca Fire Table using either propane or natural gas as a source of fuel. 

If your deck or patio has access to a natural gas line, then it is easy and safe to have the fire table connected directly to it. This allows you to enjoy as many fires as you want without ever having to wonder if the tank will run dry. 

If natural gas is not an option, this fire table can be easily adapted to burn propane. There is even an optional tank cover available so the tanks can be stored safely near the pit without taking away from the beauty of the rest of the scenery. 

Brand Modeno / Elementi
Dimensions 34" Dia x 15" H
Weight 88 lbs
BTUs 50,000
Ready-Made Yes
Warranty 1 Year Limited
Material Glass-fiber reinforced concrete
Fuel Propane, Natural Gas
Ignition System Electronic ignition
Shape Round


Whether you choose to burn natural gas or liquid propane, your Modeno Roca Round Fire Table will come with everything you need to get it set up and running. 

  • The fire table: Weighing only 88 pounds, it is easy to maneuver into the exact place you desire.

  • 10' of gas hose: This is enough length to give you some flexibility with the placement of the table itself and/or the propane tank. 

  • The appropriate valves and connectors: Just the right sizes and configurations whether you choose propane or natural gas. 

  • Battery: It includes the AA battery you will need to power the auto-ignition switch. 

  • Lava Rocks: These rocks help protect your fire table from the elements and the heat of the fire, as well as add beauty and interest.

  • Canvas cover: This waterproof cover prevents the buildup of water inside your pit and keeps out dirt, insects, and debris when the pit is not lit. 

Roca Fire Pit Manual for Natural Gas:

Click Here For Manual

 Modeno Roca Fire Table Manual for Natural Gas

Modeno Roca Fire Pit Manual for Liquid Propane:

Click Here For Manual

Modeno Roca Fire Table Manual for Propane

Modeno Fire Pit OFG107 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

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Modeno Roca Fire Bowl Table Warranty:

Click Here For Warranty

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