Meepo Vader- Hurricane Carbon - MB0080

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Face Your Fierce!

  • Motor:   3500W X 2 6374 motor with  Gear Drive System 4.0
  • Range :  Up to 31miles / 50km
  • Top Speed:  32mph / 52kmh
  • Battery:  12S4P Molicel P42A (725.8WH / 16.8AH)
  • Deck:  3K Carbon Fiber
  • Wheels:  Cyclone 165S Racing Wheels (CNC Rim)
  • Truck:     9.25‘ Double Kingpin Truck (additional TKP baseplate)
  • Worldwide Shipping: Free standard sea shipping

Ultra-Long Range and Highest Top Speed

Boasting a range of 31 miles with real world test conditions (test rider weighs 75kg travelling at 30km/h on 165mm Cyclone tires). The Hurricane also has the highest top speed of any production boards on the market, at a whopping 35mph, all while maintaining more torque than you’ll ever need.

The Latest Gear Drive System 4.0

The Gear Drive System 4.0 is the most advanced version yet, offering stronger power, reduced shaking, improved efficiency, and maintenance-free operation. Its gear ratio is 1:4.4. It is also equipped with the latest anti-collision bracket to protect the gear drive kit and motors from damage.

Customization Compatibility

The truck is made of high-strength 6061 aluminum alloy material, processed using CNC machining technology, making it strong and durable. Each Hurricane model is equipped with an additional baseplate that allows you to switch between DKP and TKP. Whether you're looking for flexibility or speed, the Hurricane has got you covered.

The Latest 165mm cyclone tires

The latest version of Hurricane Cyclone 165 Tires features a durable and attractive CNC wheel hub, widened tire surface for high-speed stability, and a tire water drainage design that reduces splashing.

Powerful Performance

Featuring two powerful 3500W motors, the Hurricane can easily climb hills with a maximum slope of 46% - whether on flat ground or in the mountains, Hurricane can handle it all!

365-Day Warranty

The Hurricane comes with a full year of warranty after purchase. We will provide this service for any damage or defects that occur under normal usage conditions. Wearables like belts and wheels as well as purposeful damage to the board are NOT covered by the free warranty. However, you can still request a paid service that we will provide.

Carbon Fiber Deck

  • Built like a tank using T700 Carbon Fiber
  • 40" long deck with big standing platform which gives you comfort and stability at high speed
  • Alongside the battery box, keeps the battery pack well protected against any puncture or bends
  • Not even a car driving over the board could break the Hurricane in halfs


  • High control accuracy, short response: samples input from the remote in millisecond level
  • Provides smooth acceleration and braking control, as well as eliminating input lag
  • Configured to 55 Amps to give phenomenal acceleration and hill climbing capabilities

Molicel P42A Battery

  • High discharge cells: 48 pcs of Molicel P42A cells
  • 55 Amps of continuous discharge, 4200mAh of capacity, well over 1000 cycles of recharge
  • 12S4P P42A 725.8Wh = extreme range and power

Range 31 miles
Top Speed 32 mph
Deck 3K Carbon Fiber
Dimensions 1125*340*125mm
Hill Climbing 46%
Battery 12S4P Molicel P42A (725.8Wh)
Remote M4S
Motor Power 3500W ×2
Trucks DKP and TKP
Charging Time 3.8h
Max Load 250kg / 552lbs
Wheels 165mm*65mm Cycolne Tires
Weight 17.6kg / 38.8lbs
Charger 50.4V4.5A
Non-daily Component Consumables witch, Motor, , Bash Guard, Motor Mount,Truck Axle, Fibreglass Lid, Deck, Battery, CNC heatsink,
Trucks, Charging port
  • Meepo Hurricane Vader
  • TKP
  • User Manual
  • M4S Remote
  • Remote Charger
  • T-tool
  • 50.4V/4.5A Fast Charger

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