Garmin Tacx Galaxia Advanced Roller Bike Trainer

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Get on a roll with the TacX Galaxia Advanced Roller Trainer, an easy to set up indoor roller trainer. Aesthetically pleasing, the Galaxia is one of the most attractive trainers with light blue rollers and dark chasis that highlight the clean lines of the design. This innovative roller, which features a revolutionary swing system, can absorb your forward and backward accelerations, allowing you to ride hard while remaining stable. The impressive suspended chasis design balances the rockers beneath the twin rear drums on static rubber feet and wheels at the front increase stability.

The patented swing system absorbs rapid movement as you begin to run, change pace, or stand on the pedals, ensuring that you do not derail. Conical rollers ensure that your bike stays in the middle of the roller for a more stable ride. The Galaxia is retractable for convenient storage, making it a breeze.

  • The patented swing system absorbs forward and backward accelerations

  • Conical rollers ensure stability

  • Convenient foldable design for easy storage

  • The front roller spins equally for speed and stability

  • No power required

  • Easy maintenance

Dimensions Max 53.0” x 19.7” (1350 x 500 mm)
Dimensions when Folded 31.5" x 19.7" x 5.3" (800 x 500 x 135 mm)
Weight 18.1 lbs (8.2 kg)
Height 5.3" (135 mm)
Roller Diameter 100-110 mm
Suitable Bikes When distance between front and rear axle is 980 mm and 1100 mm

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