WhisperKOOL Phantom 5000 Wine Cellar Cooling Unit

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WhisperKOOL Fully Ducted Self-Contained Phantom 5000 Wine Cellar Cooling System

When you are designing and building a custom wine cellar flexibility can make your life so much easier. Say hello to the WhisperKOOL Phantom 5000 Wine Cellar Cooling System.

The Phantom 5000 is the most flexible, fully ducted wine cellar cooling unit on the market.

The super intelligent design allows you to customize the blower configuration. The blowers can be independently reoriented to the right, left of top of the wine cooling unit. 

This means that you can install this unit with any ducting configuration you desire! How's that for flexibility. No more worrying about whether a cooling unit will fit into your space and design. 

The Phantom 5000 is your solution. 

Fully Ducted Self-Contained Phantom 5000 Features:

  • *NEW: Optional UV Lighting Technology
  • Numerous ducting options
  • Remote KDT Plus controller/thermostat
  • Corrosion-resistant drip tray
  • Black powder-coated paint scheme
  • Suitable for operation in ambient temperatures as high as 110°F

UV Lighting System Upgrade 

The UV lighting system upgrade is now available as an add-on accessory to protect your cooling system from microorganisms such as fungus, mold, mildew, and bacteria using short-wavelength ultraviolet (UV-C) light to eliminate these harmful microorganisms. 


The BTU/h value shown here is a theoretical number. There are often circumstances under which a cellar design may require a larger unit due to variables not accounted for in the formula. For example, these variables could be building materials (such as glass, stone, concrete, etc.) which do not offer the insulation capacity required to maintain the optimal cellar environment. We recommend purchasing a unit with a larger capacity to compensate for these unaccounted-for variables. An undersized unit can lead to premature failure and will most likely prevent the cellar from reaching your desired temperature.

Introducing our new 24-volt thermostat conversion kit for WhisperKOOL split systems!

Utilize industry-leading technology from major manufacturers to monitor the environment of your cellar. (See individual thermostat manufacturers’ websites for details.)

  • Connect your thermostat to Wi‑Fi to control the temperature from your phone, tablet or laptop.
  • Monitor run time and energy usage.
  • Set alarm notifications.
  • View your cellar conditions from your mobile device.

The use of the 24-volt thermostat conversion kit eliminates the thermostat normally included with the system and allows your contractor to select, purchase and install the thermostat technology of your choice, including but not limited to Nest, Ecobee, and Honeywell.

By selecting the 24V Thermostat Conversion Kit, you have acknowledged that the system will not be built with the standard WhisperKOOL control or liquid measuring bottle probe. You will have to source and purchase your own 24V thermostat to run the equipment.

  • Not utilizing the thermostat from WhisperKOOL also eliminates the use of the bottle probe.
  • WhisperKOOL does not provide smart thermostats.  Those must be purchased separately.
  • WhisperKOOL customer service staff do not provide technical support for customers’ selected thermostats.
  • Cellar Size: 1250 cu. ft.* (Each wine cellar is unique and has specific cooling requirements. Heat load calculations should always be performed prior to selecting a cooling unit. See our Cellar Wizard.)
  • BTUh w/85°F: 5521
  • CFM: 326 with blowers in top orientation; 312 with blowers in side orientation
  • Dimensions: 15.75”H x 15.75”W x 37”L (without duct plenums); 22.75” H x 15.75” W x 48”L (duct plenums on top of unit); 15.75” H x 22.75” W x 48”L (duct plenums on side of unit)
  • Refrigerant: R-134a
  • HP: 1/3+
  • Voltage Rating: 115V (20-amp dedicated circuit required)
  • Weight: 116lbs
  • AMPS (running): 8.8
  • dBA: In cellar: 40 • Adjacent to unit: 50
  • Duct Size: 10” return, 8” supply
  • Register Size: 12” x 12” x 8” supply, 12” x 12” x 10” return with filter (MERV 4); registers and filters not provided
  • Drainline: 1/2” ID clear plastic tubing (10 feet provided)
  • Installation: Unit is installed in an attic or utility room. Max. duct length is 50 combined feet for evap and condenser sides (25-ft. supply and 25-ft. return) with a maximum of three bends per side.
  • Thermostat: Remote digital display with 50-ft. cable and 50-ft. liquid-temperature-measuring bottle probe
  • Temp. Delta: 55°F temperature differential between cellar environment and condensing unit intake air.

Two-year limited warranty (parts and labor) 

Warranty Overview:

  • Self-Contained System Warranty: A limited 2-year product/5-year compressor warranty is offered with all self-contained cooling units at the date of purchase.
  • Split System Warranty: A limited 2-year product warranty is offered with all split systems. While the warranty starts at the date of purchase, this warranty is not activated until a Product Warranty Checklist has been submitted and approved by WhisperKOOL.
  • Warranty Claims: All warranty claims must be filed directly through WhisperKOOL customer service. We provide warranty repairs at our manufacturing facility in Stockton, CA, or with prior permission from WhisperKOOL to receive service by a licensed HVAC/R technician. In the event a unit is not reparable in the field and is still under warranty, we will cover shipping costs to return the unit (excluding customs fees and duties).
  • Limited Warranty: Limited warranty applies only to wine cooling units purchased directly from WhisperKOOL or through an authorized dealer. Damage caused by others or beyond the control of WhisperKOOL shall not be considered defects in material or workmanship and is not covered by the warranty. The limited warranty does not cover any parts or labor to correct any defect caused by negligence, commercial use, accident, maintenance, installation, service/repair, or improper use.

Order shipment preparation takes 3 days. Once shipped orders usually takes 2 weeks to be delivered. These are estimations; delivery can be delayed for reasons beyond our control. You can always contact us to know the exact delivery time once you placed an order with us. Have a look at our shipping policy here.

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