Spider Farmer® 4.6’x2.3’x6.5′ Complete Grow Tent Kit丨G4500 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light丨6” Clip Fan丨4” Ventilation System with Temperature Humidity Controller

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Spider Farmer® 4.6’x2.3’x6.5′ Complete Grow Tent Kit丨G4500 Full Spectrum LED Grow Light丨6” Clip Fan丨4” Ventilation System with Temperature Humidity Controller



- This grow tent is slightly larger than a 2×4 grow tent and is suitable for housing 2 to 4 plants throughout their full cycle. Alternatively, it can accommodate 6 to 8 smaller plants during the vegetable stage.

- Cost-effective and hassle-free way to create an indoor grow room.

-  Eliminates the guesswork and stress of determining the right equipment setup for your tent.

- Provides a complete setup, saving you time and effort.

This Kit Includes the Following:

1 × G4500 430W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light:
Spider Farmer’s G series is our latest LED grow light lineup, offering a bar-shaped design that combines high-quality performance and affordability. It delivers a consistently high and even PPFD level across the entire canopy, providing optimal full-spectrum lighting for all growth stages. The dimming knob allows easy brightness adjustment from 10% to 100%, particularly beneficial for smaller or younger plants that may be sensitive to intense lighting. The detachable driver and long power cord minimize heat generation and increase the light’s lifespan. Moreover, the LED diodes feature a water-resistant coating, ensuring safe operation even in wet conditions. This versatile light is perfect for limited spaces, or reducing heat in grow areas. Additionally, its removable power supply enables mounting close to the ceiling or rack top, maximizing available space below.

4 × Adjustable Rope Hangers:
These hangers enable you to adjust the lamp’s height according to your plants’ growth needs.

1 × 6” Clip Fan:
Designed to mimic natural breezes for stronger stems and improved plant growth. It offers enhanced protection against mold, rot, mildew, and pests, while optimizing heat and humidity for accelerated growth and abundant yields.

1 × 30X-60X Magnifier:
This essential tool allows you to inspect every detail of your plants, enabling easy identification of potential issues like pests, fungi, and diseases.

1 × 4.6’x2.3’X6.5′ Grow Tent:
This Spider Farmer grow tent has a rigid tent frame and a fabric outer cover that makes it easy to set up and control atmosphere and lighting, as well as provide a bit of privacy.

1 × 4” Inline Duct Fan, 1 × 4” Carbon Filter, 1 × Flex Air Aluminum Ducting, 3 × Hose Clamps (connectors for fixing fans and Ducting):
Proper ventilation eliminates odors and ensures a healthy growing environment. Carbon filters and fans come in handy when you want to enjoy your garden’s scent without others smelling it.

1 × Fan Smart Controller:
The smart controller has multiple operation modes, 10 fan speeds, is easy to program, and automatically controls humidity and temperature with four easy settings.

5 × 11 Gallon Grow Bags:
Fabric garden pots prevent plants from becoming root-bound and offer better drainage and aeration for better oxygen regulation, making them suitable for hydroponic applications and reusable.


Spectrum 660-665nm, 2900-3200K,4700-5300K
PPF Value 1262umol/s
Lumen 76310Lm±5%@AC120V
Power draw 450W±5%@AC120-277V
Core Coverage 2FT X 4FT
Max Coverage 3FT X 5FT
Light Size 45.31''X22.83''X3.43''
Net Weight 6.9KG
Gross Weight 8.3KG
Input Voltage AC100-277V
Amp 3.545A@AC120V
Frequency 50/60HZ
Operating temperature -20-35℃
Diodes quantity 1484pcs
Lifetime 80000+H
DB 0dB
Lighting Control Protocols 0-10V



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