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Santos 01 Grinder

Traditional sturdy and powerful shop coffee grinder for coffee and dry spices. Ideal for shops, supermarkets, coffee roasters, and bakeries... 

  • Easy to use and efficient, this coffee grinder will give you a high-quality grinding.
  • Grinding adjustments from extra fine to extra coarse.
  • Horizontal axis grinding discs, with feeding screw.
  • Simple direct dispensing of the coffee fresh ground coffee.
  • Precision grinding Ø 63,5 mm grinding discs which are designed and manufactured by Santos for a high-quality grinding, precise and fine.
  • Powerful commercial reliable induction motor.
  • Hopper: 1 Kg. (2.20 lbs)
  • The capacity of the plastic drawer: 1.8 lbs
  • Average output: 14 Kg/hour (30 lbs/hr)
  • Motor: Single phase; 100-120 V; 50/60 Hz - 650 W
  • Speed: 1500 rpm (50 Hz)/1800 rpm (60 Hz)
  • Weight: 33 lbs
  • Dimension: 13 D x 10 W x 22 H inch
  • CE Certified
  • RoHS Certified 

Grinder in operation:

With our poppy seeds grinders, you will get small pieces of poppy seeds (generally used for pastries and breads). It is not possible to obtain a fine powder, however, poppy seeds are a bit oily and if they are ground too fine, you get a paste, which would not work with our grinders.

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