Holland Green Science Aqua Vitae 5L Performance Pack

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Holland Green Science Aqua Vitae 5L Performance Pack

Elevate your solvent evaporation process with the Aqua Vitae Maximus 5L Rotary Evaporator Performance Package by Holland Green Science. This package is designed for the gentle and efficient evaporative removal of solvents. It offers electronic process control for precision, ensuring that every drop of solvent is effectively removed. The package also includes essential accessories like the Aeolus Vacuum Controller, Aquilon Midi Chiller, Zephyrus Midi Diaphragm Vacuum Pump, and Holland Green Science Hose Pack, ensuring you have everything you need for efficient solvent evaporation, all while maximizing performance and reliability.

The Aqua Vitae Maximus 5L Performance Package is a comprehensive solution that promises to deliver unparalleled efficiency and precision. With Holland Green Science's commitment to innovation and quality, this package is set to become a benchmark in the solvent evaporation industry.

Is the Holland Green Science Aqua Vitae 5L Performance Pack Right for Me?

If you're seeking a cutting-edge solution for solvent evaporation, the Holland Green Science Aqua Vitae 5L Performance Pack is your answer. Ideal for those who prioritize efficiency and precision, this product ensures gentle and effective solvent removal. Whether you're a professional in the botanical extraction field or an enthusiast, this product is tailored to meet your needs.

Features and Benefits:

  • Efficient Solvent Evaporation: Designed for the gentle and efficient removal of solvents, ensuring product purity.
  • Digital Rotary Evaporator: Offers precise control, enhancing the evaporation process.
  • High-Temperature Capacity: With a bath temperature up to 180°C, it's suitable for all standard solvents.
  • In-Evaporator Decarboxylation: Supports in-evaporator decarboxylation, adding to its versatility.

Why Holland Green Science?

Holland Green Science stands as a beacon of innovation in the botanical extraction industry. With roots in the life science hub of the Netherlands and a robust presence in North America, they consistently drive advancements in the field. Choosing Holland Green Science means opting for unparalleled quality and pioneering technology.

Aqua Vitae Max 5L

Brand Holland Green Science
SKU 10209001
Vacuum Setting Range 1-1000 mbar rpm


Brand Holland Green Science
SKU 10209001
Vacuum Setting Range 1-1000 mbar rpm



Brand Holland Green Science
SKU 10303002
Process temperature (℃) ﹣20℃~20℃


Hose Pack

Brand Holland Green Science
SKU 10125001
Material Silicone
Specifications ID 8 mm, OD 12 mm
Length 10 m



Brand Holland Green Science
SKU 10311002
Rated Voltage / Frequency 110 V±10%/60 Hz

 Holland Green Science stands behind the quality of their products, offering warranties tailored to specific equipment. For instance, almost all of their general lab equipment comes with a three-year warranty. This warranty covers quality-related issues, purchases with valid proof of purchase, non-refunded products, and defects or damages not caused by external factors. Always ensure you have a valid proof of purchase and that the item is within the warranty period.

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