Game Ready Cold & Compression Elbow Wrap

Model: Flexed
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Inspired By Human Endeavor And Driven By Technological Leadership, We Are Dedicated To Developing The Most Innovative And Effective Products For Helping People Get Back To What Matters After Injury Or Surgery. We Are Here To Re-engineer Recovery.

Both the Game Ready Flexed & Straight Elbow Wraps use innovative and dual-action ATX Wraps Technology (Active Temperature Exchange) to enable the simultaneous delivery of adjustable pneumatic compression and continuous cold or heat therapy throughout treatment. Game Ready wraps are integral in the delivery of cold, heat, rapid contrast, and active compression therapies trusted by thousands of patients, elite athletes, professional sports teams, special military forces, and leading medical professionals around the world.

  • 90° and 135° flexion, for patients unable to straighten their elbows (flexed elbow variant)
  • Easy-to-remove outer fabric sleeve (machine washable or replaceable)
  • Ergonomic design to ensure complete circumferential coverage
  • Quick-connectors that easily snap onto the system

Game Ready® control units are covered by a limited two-year warranty. The dual-action heat exchangers of all wraps are covered by a limited one-year warranty. To obtain warranty coverage, your product(s) must be properly registered at the time of purchase.
Size One Size Fits All
Fit Universal(Either Arm)


  • Bursitis
  • Elbow replacement surgery
  • Interposition Arthroplasty
  • Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow surgery)
  • Osteocapsular Arthroplasty
  • Pain management, sprains, strains, fractures
  • Flexed elbow : for patients unable to straighten the elbow after elbow replacement, UCL reconstruction, and other elbow surgeries
  • Straight elbow : for patients who must keep their elbow extended after replacement or surgery for tennis elbow

Dual-Chamber, Two-Part Design

Using patented technologies, Game Ready wraps are comprised of an inner, dual-chamber “heat exchanger” and a removable, machine-washable, and replaceable outer sleeve.

Consistent Temperatures

Patented internal microdot construction facilitates maximum and even fluid flow for efficient, consistent cooling (cryotherapy) and heating (thermotherapy), helping to reduce pain and swelling while reducing the use of opioid medications.

Active Compression

More effective than conventional, static ice and heat packs, Game Ready wraps use intermittent pneumatic compression to simulate natural muscle contractions that help “pump away” edema and encourage the flow of oxygenated blood.

Circumferential Coverage

Low-profile, circumferential wraps cover more surface area and enable pneumatic compression for better body surface contact, enhancing the effects of cold, heat, and rapid contrast therapy.

Anatomic Engineering

Unlike other products that use a one-design-fits-all approach, Game Ready wraps are anatomically engineered for specific body parts and are available in a variety of sizes to assure optimal performance and comfortable fit.

Easy Application

Velcro®-like closures and quick-release hose connectors make it easy to apply the wraps and to snap in and out of treatment as needed, mess-free.

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