Game Ready 5' Dual Connector Hose

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Inspired By Human Endeavor And Driven By Technological Leadership, We Are Dedicated To Developing The Most Innovative And Effective Products For Helping People Get Back To What Matters After Injury Or Surgery. We Are Here To Re-engineer Recovery.

This Game Ready Dual Connector Hose allows facilities to complete twice as many treatment sessions in the same amount of time it currently takes to complete one. With one end connected to the Game Ready Control Unit, the dual ends can treat two patients at the same time or one patient needing two wrap treatments at the same time. Simply attach the single end to the Control Unit. Apply wraps to the patient(s) being treated and attach the dual ends. Press the start button on the Control Unit and therapy begins. Simple to use with one-button, quick-connect convenience.

View the Game Ready 5' Dual Connector Hose features below:

  • Run any two Game Ready Wraps simultaneously and treat two injuries at once (two patients or two injury sites).

  • Hose delivers air and fluid flow to both wraps.

  • Features one-button, quick connect convenience for ease of use.

  • 5 feet in total length, 4 feet from “Y” split to Wrap

  • Suitable to be used with GRPro2.1 therapy system

With 5' of length, there's plenty of give for patients to be comfortably situated without fear of pulling or snagging the hose on something. For best performance, try and keep both wraps on the same elevation plane. In the case where one patient is using two wraps on two different body parts at the same time, it is not uncommon that the patient feels one wrap is more compressed or colder than the other. Note that the Dual Conenctor must be attached to two wraps to be used and that cold and compression in each wrap cannot be controlled individually. 

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