FlashForge Guider 3 3D Printer 3D-FFG-GUIDER3


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FlashForge Guider 3 3D Printer  3D-FFG-GUIDER3

Guider 3

Bigger, Lighter and More Worry-free
The Guider 3 is a cutting-edge 3D printer with a larger print space ratio and easy nozzle replacement. Featuring dual build plate options, a quick-disassembly nozzle, HEPA 13 air filter, and remote monitoring capabilities, this printer offers intelligent and convenient printing for educational, small business, and individual use. Its cost-effectiveness makes it an ideal choice for small batch production needs.
Bigger, Lighter and More Worry-free for guider 3 For Small Batch Production The lightweight equipment and the powerful production management system ensure 24/7 stable and continuous printing during the production and development process, making it suitable for multi-scenario applications. Power Loss Recovery System It can save the printing state in the event of an unexpected power failure and continue printing after the power is restored. Integrated Equipment Management System Our FlashPrint 5 slicing software enables multi-machine joint control and integrated device management in small batch production. Real-time Monitoring of the Printing Process With the camera equipped, the printing process and status can be monitored in real time easily through FlashPrint 5 and UI interfaces. Open Material System The 320℃ high-temperature extruder is compatible with ABS / PLA / PC / PA / HIPS / ASA / PETG / PA-CF, etc., supports 3rd-party materials, suitable for various applications.  

Application Scenarios

  • Small Studio
  • Educational Institution
  • Small laboratory/factory

Main features

Guider 3 is specially designed for small batch production applications. The lightweight and compact machine structure, simple and powerful management system, and fast and efficient delivery capability guarantee continuous small batch manufacturing process in various scenarios, and provide low-cost and simple production methods.

Lightweight&Compact Design (10% weight loss) Excellent Printing Speed (250mm/s) Ease of Use 7*24hr Stable Printing

Lightweight and Compact Design for Flexible Production Space

The new machine structure design improves the utilization rate of the internal space of the equipment, realizes the expansion of the build volume while making the equipment occupying less space, offering flexible layout of the production line. The entire frame adopts aluminum structure, and the enclosure adopts lightweight and durable ABS and acrylic sheets, which realizes the lightweight design from the inside out while ensuring stable printing as well.
The entire frame adopts aluminum structure, and the enclosure adopts lightweight and durable ABS and acrylic sheets, which realizes the lightweight design from the inside out while ensuring stable printing as well.

Powerful Dual-platform System

Guider 3 offers two different platform options: glass platform and flexible steel plate platform. Thus, users can make personalized choices according to their needs when printing different filaments, which makes it suitable for diversified printing scenes.

  • HEPA air filter system can effectively filter the dust, odor and particles generated during the printing process, thus ensuring an environment-friendly and safe working environment.
  • If the equipment is not in use for a long time, the equipment will automatically enter the sleep mode, and then the screen goes black and lights are off, ensuring low energy consumption during night operations.
  • After finishing printing, the equipment will automatically shut down, realizing unattended, energy-saving and safer operation.
  • Guider 3 is equipped with a filament detection sensor to detect the abnormal state of filaments. If the filament is used up or clogged, the equipment will automatically stop and remind you of related problems, which can effectively prevent the damage of the printed part or nozzle, save electricity and avoid material waste. When the filament is used up, printing can be resumed after the problem is solved.

  • Extruder Quantity1
  • Printing Precision±0.15mm or 0.002mm/mm
  • Positioning AccuracyX/Y-axis 0.011 mm;
  •  Z-axis 0.0025 mm
  • Layer Thickness0.05 ~ 0.4 mm
  • Build Volume300 x 250 x 340mm
  • Nozzle Diameter0.4 (0.4/0.6/0.8)mm
  • Nozzle TypeStainless steel nozzle
  • Printing Speed10 ~ 250mm/s
  • Maximum Extruder Temperature320 ℃
  • Maximum Platform Temperature110 ℃
  • Supported FilamentABS / PLA / PC / PA / HIPS / ASA /
  •  PETG / PA-CF / PLA-CF / PETG-CF /
  •  PETG-GF
  • Power SupplyAC100-240V / DC24V / 20.8A, 650W
  • Device Size496(L) * 436(W) * 696(H) mm
  • Packaging Size585(L) * 530(W) * 760(H) mm
  • Slicing SoftwareFlashprint
  • Input / Output File FormatInput: 3MF/ STL / OBJ / FPP / BMP /
  •  PNG / JPG / JPEG File;
  •  Output: GX / G File / gcode
  • Printing ConnectionUSB Disk / Ethernet / Wi-Fi
  • CertificationCE / FCC / RoHS
  • Working Temperature15-30℃
  • Compatible Operating SystemWin xp / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10、Mac OS
  • Compatible Slicing SoftwareSlic3r / Cura (Need to set up)
  • Touch LCD Screen4.3-inch
  • Printing BedFlexible steel plate platform /
  •  Glass platform
  • Close Design
  • Auxiliary Leveling
  • Filament Running Out Reminding
  • Replaceable Print Bed
  • Ultra Silence Design
  • Continue Last Printing when
  • Power Off
  • Remote Camera Watching
  • Wireless Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet
  • USB Stick Interface
  • Air Filter Net
  • Cloud


Standard 16-Month Manufacturer’s Warranty

Each Flashforge 3D printer is manufactured with the strictest production standards and goes through vigorous quality control procedures before it is shipped out. To give Flashforge owners an assurance for their investments, all Flashforge 3D Professional printers are shipped with a standard 16-month manufacturer’s warranty.

Please review the warranty terms and conditions below for more details.

Filing for Warranty Claim

3D printing is very exciting and can be quite addicting (just ask our technicians who are constantly printing in our 35,000 sq. ft. facility). FLASHFORGE USA fully understands that the nature of warranty claims can be a hassle for our customers and leaves them without a machine for the duration of the claim. Most of the time, issues can be resolved by reaching out to our Product Specialists. Our team of experts is here to assist with any challenges you may be facing with your machines and help you overcome it. If the issue cannot be resolved, the Flashforge Product Specialist will initiate the warranty claim and walk you through the process.

Warranty Terms & Condition

  • Warranty Programs only apply to units purchased from FLASHFORGE USA and its authorized resellers and distributors. For units purchased outside of the authorized network, please contact the respective vendor for warranty work. Note: FLASHFORGE USA and its authorized service centers also provide service and repair. Please contact us for more detail.
  • Warranty Programs are valid for the original purchaser of Flashforge products and cannot be transferred. The product must be purchased brand new with original invoice and serial number (if applicable).
  • Warranty claims will be serviced through the repair or replacement of the defective part. FLASHFORGE USA shall determine, at its sole discretion, the method of servicing that will be applied to the claim.
  • For quality control purposes, FLASHFORGE USA reserves the right to request return on defective parts in exchange for new parts.
  • *Warranty claims must go through FLASHFORGE USA before servicing can be performed. Any RMA received as a warranty claim without approval from FLASHFORGE USA shall be denied, no exceptions.

Causes that void warranty claim include

  • Damage caused by accidents, submerging in water, acts of nature or negligence
  • Tampering of the serial number and/or removal of identification stickers.
  • Product failure as a result of installing aftermarket components.
  • Unit(s) or part(s) received that is in working condition and not defective. FLASHFORGE USA reserves the right to collect service or return shipping charges at the expense of the customer.

Order shipment preparation takes 3 days. Once shipped orders usually take 2 weeks to be delivered. These are estimations; delivery can be delayed for reasons beyond our control. You can always contact us to know the exact delivery time once you placed an order with us. Have a look at our shipping policy here.

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