Fitkon™ Powerhouse Ladder Barrel


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Fitkon™ Powerhouse Ladder Barrel

The Fitkon™ Powerhouse Ladder Barrel is a highly effective tool for improving spine mobility, increasing flexibility, stabilizing the body, and building strength.

Fitkon Ladder Barrel is an effective Pilates equipment for spine mobility, flexibility exercises, body stabilization and strength. It helps to develop the strength and endurance of the core region muscles by acting in different anatomical planes. It is suitable for people of different lengths thanks to the linear guides.

  • Thanks to the linear slide developed by New-Fitkon, you can adjust the distance between the barrel and the ladder with one move without wasting time.
  • Movement and Training Science Specialist Dr. Barrel angles developed by Nahit Baylan PMA, CSCS, AFAA protect your spine health.
  • Its unique design makes a difference in your studio or sports center.
  • Made with the highest quality woods on the market.
  • Thanks to its specially made sponges, it allows you to exercise comfortably.
  • Standing Platform
  • Complete Ladder Barrel Book
  • FREE participation in Barrel or any Fitkon Academy certificate course.

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