Exway X1 Max Hub 655W Longboard Electric Skateboard

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Exway X1 Max Hub 655W Longboard Electric Skateboard

Exway X1 Max Hub 655W Longboard Electric Skateboard

Ever dreamed of a skateboard that combines the thrill of traditional boarding with cutting-edge technology? Meet the Exway X1 Max Hub Longboard Electric Skateboard – your new avenue to electrifying adventures.

Innovative Design: Where Style Meets Functionality

The Exway X1 Max isn't just another electric skateboard. Its sleek, streamlined design is a testament to the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. With its durable and lightweight construction, this board promises to be your reliable partner on every journey.

Power-Packed Performance: Feel the Surge

Powered by a robust 655W hub motor, the Exway X1 Max Hub delivers exhilarating performance. Feel the surge of power as you effortlessly climb hills and cruise through the city. With a top speed of 29 mph, get ready to experience skateboarding like never before.

Unmatched Range: Explore Further

Bid farewell to range anxiety. Equipped with a high-performance battery, the Exway X1 Max Hub offers an impressive range, ensuring your adventures aren't cut short. Whether it's a leisurely ride in the park or a daily commute, this board has got you covered.

Precision Control: Skate with Confidence

Take control of your ride with the intuitive remote control that offers precision and ease. The responsive braking system and adjustable settings ensure a safe and comfortable ride, giving you the confidence to push your limits.

Smart Connectivity: Technology at Your Fingertips

Embrace the future with the Exway X1 Max Hub's smart features. Connect your skateboard to your smartphone for real-time data, firmware updates, and customization. It's not just a skateboard; it's a smart mobility solution.

Eco-Friendly Travel: Make a Positive Impact

Join the green movement! The Exway X1 Max Hub is not only about exhilarating rides but also about eco-friendly travel. Reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying the freedom of the open road.

Perfect for Urban Explorers

Whether you're a seasoned skater or a curious newbie, the Exway X1 Max Hub is designed for anyone who loves adventure. Its ease of use and superior performance make it ideal for urban explorers looking to add excitement to their daily travels.

Why Wait?

Are you ready to transform the way you skate? Purchase the Exway X1 Max Hub 655W Longboard Electric Skateboard today from Electric Bike Paradise and enjoy free shipping! Embrace the future of skateboarding now!

Dimensions 972×296×136mm(LWH)
Weight 7.6Kg
Top Speed 45Km/h
Range 30Km
Remote R2
Battery Capacity 230Wh
Hill Climbing 30%
Torque 6.2N.m×2
Motor Power 655W×2
Charging Time 5H (Standard Charger)
1.8H (Quick Charger)
Braking Regenerative Brakes
Truck Exway Trist 45°8inch
Waterproof Rating IP55
Warranty 6 (Six) Months
Max Load 100Kg
Griptape Shock-absorbing Griptape
Max. Working Distance
FCC: 10 m
CE: 10 m
SRRC: 10 m

Temperature Comfort Zone 0-40°C
Battery Capacity 600mAh
Remote On-Off Supported
Tank Mode  - 
Input 100-240V
Output 51V-1.5A (Standard Charger)
51V-4A (Quick Charger)
Rated Power 76.5W (Standard Charger)
204W (Quick Charger)
Smart Battery
Battery Capacity 230Wh
Rated Power 44.4V
Rated Charge Voltage 50.4V
Cell Type Lithium Polymer
Temperature Comfort Zone 0-40°C
USB Output Power
USB charging output
Size Exway Trist 45°8inch
Material Aluminium
Angle 45°
Casting Forged
Power System Riot/Hub
Applicable Belt Size  - 
Applicable Pulley Size  - 
Recommended Wheel Size 85/90/105


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