Aims Power Lithium Battery Cabinet 230VDC 96AMPS 22,114 Watt Hours! SLAVE - LFP230V96A-S

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At Aims Power, We’re Passionate About Designing And Developing Off-grid And Renewable Energy Solutions.

The AIMS Power lithium battery cabinet is designed to work with the AIMS Power hybrid inverters. The powerful lithium batteries installed in the pre-wired cabinet provide power for critical loads, load sharing during night hours, or when grid power is at peak rates. The battery cabinet is charged using solar or when grid power is available. When the battery cabinet is used with an AIMS hybrid inverter, the cabinet can be set to charge when grid rates are low or charged using solar first, then grid if needed. You can also program the hybrid/battery to power loads during peak grid hours. This helps offset your power bill!

See Features Below:
  • Pre-programmed to work seamlessly with AIMS hybrid inverter

  • Pre-wired for easy installation and set up

  • Five year limited warranty

  • Requires only 3 simple wires to connect to the MASTER LITHIUM BATTERY CABINET. The slave cabinet is parallel wired to the master cabinet for extra stored power

  • Superior BMS for optimal performance (WHEN USED WITH THE MASTER)

  • Expandable – max 3 per inverter (1 master and 2 slaves)

  • Cell balancing

  • More efficient during high watt usage

  • Natural cooling

  • Eye bolts for lifting included

  • Voltage DC: 230.4V

  • Amp hours: 96

  • kWh 22.1 (22,114 watt hours)

  • Cabinet includes qty 6 38.4V lithium packs wired in series.

  • Max charge/discharge current 50amps

  • Cycle life >3500

  • Cut off discharge voltage – 180V

  • Max charge voltage- 262.8

  • Efficiency >97%

  • IP grade – IP54

  • Weight – 650 lbs

  • Dimensions (inches) – 68.75H x 33.75D x 24.75W

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